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Biofusion Studies

When a study is conducted by a biochemist, it usually starts in a lab setting in test tubes. If those tests have positive results then animals are tested and eventually, hopefully, human testing is involved. Complete human clinical studies take several years, not weeks, to show conclusive results.

The reason that understanding the different phases of study is important is because Biofusion, and other companies like them, will tell you how their products did in trials. You need to determine what kind of trials were conducted before you make a determination abut the validity of the claims made about a specific product.

Biofusion Products

Biofusion offers 28 products to their consumers. They fall in a variety of categories such as diet plans, anti aging, weight loss, dietary supplements, hormonal balance and more. The Biofusion website, although a little slow in loading, is very easy to navigate and you will find it easy to locate the different products that they offer.

Biofusion claims that their products are different from others; however, they don’t really go into much detail as to why. For example, they talk about why other supplement companies sell inferior vitamins, the reason being that they don’t absorb well.

However, when they talk about their own vitamins they state that they have a better delivery system for the vitamins that make them more absorbable, but they don’t say what that delivery system happens to be.

You need to be careful of these kinds of claims because they are too vague to be substantiated. Biofusion may very well have a superior product but without further details it is impossible to say for sure.

In addition, Biofusion has other interesting claims about what their products can do. For example, they claim that their calcium supplements will help you sleep better at night because the body doesn’t have to work as hard to find the calcium needed to repair bones.

While it is true that the body works while you are sleeping, repairing damage and storing energy for the coming day, there is no evidence that taking calcium supplements will help you sleep better, as opposed to a supplement like melatonin.

Biofusion and Weight Loss

Because weight loss is such a prolific issue today, many people are willing to try virtually any product that claims to help them lose weight. Biofusion does sell weight loss products, but in addition to that, they sell a diet plan option as well.

This is important because many supplement companies sell products that they claim will help you burn fat without having to diet. While Biofusion does have their fair share of weight loss products that they claim will help you melt the fat away, their site is also full of advice on how to lose weight and the importance of diet and exercise.

As for their weight loss plans, they have two:

  • The first one is a 6 week diet, meal plan, coaching and products combination. This does not include food, just recipes for the foods that you should be eating to meet your 6 week goal.
  • The second option is the diet plan, meal plan and coaching without the weight loss products that come with the first plan.

If you are one of the many people who need step by step instructions for losing weight, down to the last detail of choosing the foods that you need, then these may be beneficial to you. Before you  make a purchase, however, you should look online for reviews of these diet plans to see if they are all they are cracked up to be.

Biofusion and Ingredients

Biofusion offers you a list of many of the ingredients used in their products. Beside each of the ingredients they tell you what the purported use is of each of the ingredients. This is a nice feature, but it is important to note that most of the ingredients listed on this or any other supplement site have not been clinically tested to prove the claims made about their benefits.

Biofusion makes no claims about the purity of their products and they do not mention where their ingredients come from. This is troubling simply because most companies stress the purity of their ingredients because of the problems of contamination in the supplement industry.

This doesn’t mean that Biofusion has problems with their products, just keep in mind that this is a very young company without the longevity needed to prove that they are everything that they claim to be. To compare Biofusion products with many others available use the free supplement finder now!