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Biogenetix Products

As mentioned above, the product that Biogenetix was best known for was their Total Body Transformation Kit. The transformation kit included three different supplements that were supposed to work on multiple pathways of thermogenesis to achieve different fat burning and physique enhancing goals.

The three supplements included in this kit were BioBurn-D2T, NO-D2T and Creatine D2T. The purpose of these three supplements was to increase fat burning levels, increase energy and accelerate muscle growth.

While there was no specific evidence supporting the claims of these supplements from Biogenetix, there were many bodybuilders who claimed that their energy levels spiked tremendously while using it. The problem, however, was the expense of maintaining use of these products.

In addition to the supplements found in the Body Transformation Kit, you also received a large instructional poster on how to use Biogenetix, tips for what foods you should be eating to lose fat and gain muscle and also some training tips as well.

It was also possible to purchase the Biogenetix supplements separately, but since they are no longer for sale it is difficult to determine what the cost of these supplements were.

A clear disadvantage to using Biogenetix products was the amount you had to take. For example, the Bioburn-D2T required you to take four caplets of Bioburn per serving. Imagine the amount of pills necessary each to reach the maximum benefit for this product!

Biogenetix Product Ingredients

The ingredients in Biogenetix products were another source of contention from body builders because the ingredients in the Total Body Transformation Kit supplements were commonly found in much less expensive supplements everywhere.

Typically, comments made about these three supplements were along the lines of comparing them to Arginine, creatine, and tyrosine. Others referred to it as an overpriced super stack.

Some of the ingredients for BioBurn-D2T included:

Some of the ingredients for NO-D2T included:

Some of the ingredients for Creatine-D2T included:

One of the problems that occurred with the Creatine-D2T was a change in the rhythm of the heart, nausea, dizziness, general upset stomach, and more. The Mayo Clinic warns that creatine in general can cause many health issues including liver damage. Although this wasn’t a warning distributed specifically for this product, it is certainly something to keep in mind about creatine based supplements.

There is no information online about the quality of the ingredients used in Biogenetix products. In all likelihood the quality was fine as there are no news reports or any other buzz about a product contamination causing the company to discontinue their products.

In fact, there was virtually no fuss at all in reference to Biogenetix closing their doors. This suggests that their products didn’t make the splash that they had hoped for when they spilt from their mother company.

Biogenetix Product Alternatives

As there are no Biogenetix products, here are some alternatives that you might want to consider that are considered to be something equivalent to the original product.

BioBurn-D2T alternatives include:

NO-D2T Pumps alternative include:

Creatine-D2T alternatives include:

  • Creatine monohydrate products
  • Muscle building products that include creatine
  • Athletic performance enhancing products
  • Recovery support products

As to which specific products are best for you, we suggest you shop around. There are many different types of supplements from a variety of companies that will assist you in achieving your goals. Use the free supplement finder now!