Year Founded: 2004


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Biogenixs Products

Biogenixs claim that they have 20 products that they sell. However, when we visited their website, we found that they only had four products for sale. While they have five product categories, only three of them have products listed under them.

The product categories are:

  • Bath & Beauty
  • Herbs
  • Sexual Health
  • Vitamins
  • Weight Loss

In the Bath & Beauty section, the one product that Biogenixs sells is called Resveratrol Purity. Biogenixs claims that this product will reduce and slow down the signs of aging and make your skin look and feel healthy. In addition because Resveratrol is an antioxidant, they also claim it may have anti cancer properties.

In the Herbs category, their one product is called Colon Complex. The claim for this product is that this is an herbal supplement that will clean your colon and help you lose weight quickly in the process.

There are no products listed in the Sexual Health and Vitamins categories. There is also no indication of when or if there will be any products added to these categories.

In the Weight Loss category there are three products, one of which is already found in the Herbs category. The products in this category are Acai Purity, ThermAcai and Colon Complex.

Interestingly, the Acai Purity product doesn’t’ bill itself as being a primary weight loss product. According to Biogenixs, this product is one that aids in maintaining and improving brain function. In addition, they claim it boots the immune system, reduces the signs of aging, increases energy and more.

ThermAcai, on the other hand, claims to stimulate fat digestion, get rid of fat quickly in the body, “expel” fat from the body, detoxify your body and eliminate waste.

Biogenixs and Science

One of the biggest issues with Biogenixs products is that Biogenixs provides no information about how their products are developed, where they purchase their ingredients or even what the ingredients are in their products. You have to purchase their products to see an ingredient list and the products are non-refundable.

When purchasing supplements it is important that you know where the ingredients come from. That is because supplement companies aren’t monitored by the FDA, which means that the ingredients can come from anywhere. Knowing where they originate from ensures that you can determine the quality of the ingredients used in the products that you are taking.

In addition, you should never take any supplement that doesn’t list all of the ingredients contained in it. There are two reasons for this. First of all, you want to ensure that you are taking a pure product and that there isn’t anything in the product that will detract from some of the other ingredients. Secondly, you need to ensure that you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients and that they won't interact with anything else you take.

Biogenixs and Cost

The Acai Purity and ThermAcia product costs are in line with other products of this ilk. You can expect to spend around $13 for a bottle of either one of these products.

The Colon Complex and Resveratrol Purity are both in the $50 range, although you can find it online for less. That is why it is important to shop around for the products that you want before you make a purchase! To compare Biogenixs and other products use the free supplement finder now!