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Biotest Product Listing

Alpha Male - A combination of Tribex and Red Kat makes this product more potent. It is a testosterone enhancing product used to increase muscles mass. The main ingredient is a high concentration of the herb tribulus terrestris. Other ingredients include:

  • Vitex Agnus
  • Castus
  • Eurycoma long folia
  • Carbolin 19 (forskolin 1, 9-Carbonate)

Other ingredients include fillers and preservatives. 

Fahrenheit - This formula is intended for women who want to lose excess pounds and maintain the tight body you experienced as a teenager. It is a thermogenic that serves to burn fat. It is supposed to burn fat 24/7 even while in your resting state. It also has a bonus claim that Fahrenheit controls cravings for sweets and other carbohydrates.

A7-E -  Super-thermogenic Gel compound with its own list of ingredients, and caffeine.

Inactive ingredients include gelatin, titanium dioxide and coloring. 

Hot Rox - Contains XXX500 A7-E Super-thermogenic gel and caffeine. The A7-E formula includes the popular yohimbine HCL, carbolin 19, and piperine as well as other ingredients. Fillers and color are among the inactive ingredients. This supplement is supposed to target common fat areas such as the lower back, abdomen, and hips. Manufactures also boasts its raspberry chutney scent.

Spike - This is the energy booster Biotest offers its customers who want to experience the ultimate workout.This item can be purchased in tablet form or in drink form called shooters. Supplement companies who offer Biotest products also offer single drink cans as well as a 24 count case option. The active formula is called T-Max containing thiamine di (2-methyl propionate) disulfide.

Tribex - Made from Bulgarian tribulus terrestris in combination with eurycoma longfolia, this is considered “the king of testosterone boosters”. This product is not meant for women according to the label. It boosts testosterone levels to capacity, and decreases recuperation time after a strenuous workout. It is suggested that users cycle this supplement by taking it for four days and skipping one. Then take three days and skip one or five days one and two days off, and repeat the cycle.

Tribex Gold - Using Bulgarian tribulus terrestris extract, Tribex Gold is even more potent than its counterpart. High testosterone levels also increase metabolic rates. The highest forms of tribulus terrestris are used in Tribex regular and Tribex Gold. The dosage for Gold is the same as regular Tribex.

Mag-10 - This protein supplement comes in powder form and is geared toward effective muscle growth. It is an anabolic testosterone enhancer intended for professional bodybuilders and those who pump iron on a regular basis.

Metabolic Drive - This award winning Biotest product is a chocolate flavored protein powder micellar casein/whey isolate. Casein is the rare unprocessed amino acid in milk that has not been exposed to light or anything that can breakdown the composition for maximum absorption. Weight lifters made this product popular because of the seven to eight hours of continuous work.

Anaconda Anabolic Load - Meant for professionals whose muscles are experiencing burn-out or at a peak. This blend is a combination of Mag-10 Anabolic Pulse and Mag-10 Anaerobic plus a super hydration catalyst.

Other products are available as part of the Biotest supplement line such as:

  • Curcumin - If you are experiencing muscle soreness, this is the product for you.
  • Grow - This is a bioactive whey protein
  • Flameout - This product contains an omega-6 and omega-3 combination meant attack inflammation in muscles.
  • Finibar - This protein bar is intended for high performance competition
  • Luteine - This is a protein synthesis accelerator

Dosages for the protein powders are generally one to two scoops whereas one to three capsules once or twice per day on an empty stomach are recommended for products in pill form.

Biotest Product Reviews

With the number of products available through Biotest there are a plethora of reviews. Weight lifters and high performance athletes offer favorable responses and continue to purchase Biotest powdered protein products in particular. Reviewers also give Spike shooters high marks. A couple of people even called it the best energy drink on the market. One the other hand there are some who suffer from migraines from these high potency products.

Biotest Product Side Effects

Biotest supplements provide clear warnings for certain people who should not use their products. Pregnant women are forewarned against taking these supplements as are the elderly. If you are taking MAO inhibitors or allergy medication this is not a product for you. People who have high blood pressure may experience side effects as well. Your physician may offer advice for you should you decide to consume these supplements. Compare Biotest products with others by using the free supplement finder today!