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Biotivia Basics

Biotivia gives detailed information about each of its products. All of Biotivia's products contain Resveratrol, an anti-biotic found in grapes, raspberries and many other fruits. Resveratrol is special because of its ability to pass through the brain-blood barrier, so its protection can spread into the brain and nervous system. It can also get rid of free radicals.

Because it heightens your defense against diseases, Resveratrol can help you concentrate on losing weight, which lessens the pressure on your joints. This in turn will lower the possibility of getting arthritis and other such problems, allowing you to workout as you age.

Biotivia employs top-notch scientists, pharmacists and people who specialize in botanical extract manufacturing and nutraceuticals, which are foods or dietary supplements that improve your health. These individuals use the best raw materials and the most stringent scientific methods to develop top-of-the-line products.

Biotivia Products

Below is a summary of every supplement the company sells. For more information, you can go to Biotivia's website.

  • Bio Quench is an antioxidant designed to eliminate free radicals. Free radicals can cause oxidation damage, which cause many diseases, lowers immunity and inhibits the body's ability to control aging.
  • Bioforte, Transmax, and Transmax Time Release (TR) raise your energy levels, suppress your appetite, allow you to sleep better, and improve your mood and concentration.
  • PtorMax has all the effects that Bioforte, Transmax and Transmax TR do, plus it protects against free radicals, and improves weight management, physical endurance and overall health.
  • Biospan+ increases longevity at the molecular level by activating three bioceuticals known for their anti-aging effects.
  • ImmuneEdge+ boosts your immune system's ability to get rid of colds faster.
  • Bio Shape helps you loose weight by increasing metabolic activity and energy levels. It also triggers anti-aging and anti-obesity genes.
  • Bio Forge and Bio Forge Pro Max Phase II are designed to help body builders and athletes by naturally releasing the signals that increase muscle mass and fat loss. They also provide the increased mental concentration needed during training.
  • Celle is an anti-aging cream that enhances the body's natural ability to repair your skin and prevent more damage.
  • Acai Bio Edge increases energy and stamina, aids in peaceful sleep, improves heart function, promotes weight loss, aids in the digestive system, and improves your overall health in many other ways.
  • Floritivia helps with problems in the digestive system by increasing the amount of good bacteria in your body. It also has a positive effect on urogenital health.

Biotivia products range from $12.49 to $174.95.  The company has a guaranteed return policy for 30 days after the date you receive their product. You just have to include a note about why you chose to return it as well as whether you want a refund or to exchange the item when you send it back.

Biotivia has an Italian affiliate, Lungavita, that produces many skin care products. These are extremely popular in Europe and are becoming popular in America.

Biotivia and Helpful Information

In addition to selling nutritional supplements and skin care products, Biotivia offers advice on a wide variety of topics on their Suggestions and Tips page. These tips are simple things you can do everyday to help your well being. For example, breathing in deeply, putting your tongue on the roof of your mouth and exhaling slowly every half hour can increase your oxygen intake, which helps blood circulation. Topics that Biotivia offers advice on include:

  • Viral Infections
  • Preventing the Aging Process
  • Protecting Dry Skin to Slow Aging
  • Rules for Food
  • General Well-Being and Contentment

Biotivia provides information on Resveratrol and antioxidants. The pages devoted to these substances tell about scientific evidence of how they work, in which foods and nutritional supplements they can be found, and recommended doses when supplementing your diet.

Biotivia also offers advice on health, fitness and skin care. In each section, Biotivia gives you tips, exercises and suggested products to use to reach your goals. If you buy from Biotivia and become a regular customer, you can join its discount club and get special offers.

Biotivia Reviews and Conclusions

Biotivia has testimonials about their products, but you can't see them without getting an account there. Other sites have reviews as well.

There are mixed reviews for Biotivia products. Some reviewers claim they don't work at all and complain of diarrhea and stomach aches. Others support Biotivia 100%, saying their supplements work extremely well. One woman suggested that the effects of Biotivia nutritional supplements might depend on your body type. Another admitted the placebo effect might be at work, but as long as she got results, she didn't care.

Biotivia contradicts the negative reviews. The company claims that because the raw materials used to make their products are under their control and their scientists test the nutritional supplements and skin creams every step of the way, the products are better than other sold on the market. Supposedly, an outside company tests the products as well.

Despite their claims of having the best nutritional supplements on the market, Biotivia does not offer free samples while many other similar companies do. This could raise red flags for some people since you'd think that giving out free sample would be a good way of demonstrating Biotivia's high quality.

So do you believe the people who gave Biotivia products bad reviews? Or do you trust the company? The truth may lie somewhere in between as all people do not respond the same to all supplements. Compare Biotivia and other supplement providers with the free supplement finder now! 

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