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Black China Labs and Customer Service

Black China Labs also provides its clients with online coaching and advice; allowing its customers the ability to chat with live company representatives with questions, or simply for moral support. This has helped its clientele to experience superb results, while receiving tremendous customer support. Based in Manchester, England, Black China Labs utilizes the latest in industry software, in order to appropriately develop and market their products, as well as support their customers in the manner to which they have become accustomed.

With many athletes and critics looking to the United States for the newest and the best new products, Black China Labs has been busily, albeit quietly, developing some of the best, most effective new additions to its already-successful line.

Highly customer-oriented items, with considerations taken for their health, wellness, and safety in lieu of pricey marketing campaigns have been paraded out as a whole new line of body-altering formulas. As previous customers are aware, the products coming out of Black China Labs are known for their ability to help its users become leaner and stronger, not to mention retain and maximize muscle mass.

Black China Labs Expansion

The popularity of their products has allowed Black China Labs to expand throughout Great Britain and Northern Ireland, including offices and new storage facilities in Hull, Glasgow, and Birmingham. Thanks to increased exposure throughout Europe, Black China Labs claims to be prepared to take the bodybuilding supplement world by storm.

In 2010, Black China Labs instituted its long-awaited product formula. Highlighted below is a list of some of the advances and changes. BCL uses body building forums to advertise their products, so these are great places to find review of their products.

There are questions on some forums about the company's legitimacy, but nothing truly concerning surfaced in this review. Some reviewers reported faith and success, but most US posters were still unfamiliar with the company. Of course, this could simply mean they are still making a name for themselves stateside.

Black China Labs Products

Here are some of the currently available Black China Labs products:

  • The Black Ops Range: All of the most popular formulas have been completely recreated and improved upon, ensuring the quickest, most effective results.Upon being leaked to the worldwide media far too soon, some individuals have heard myths and rumors about Straight Demon, which is being touted as the hot new anabolic compound. In this case, however, such rumors are true, as the Research and Development Team at Black China Labs created the most potent formula yet.
  • The Ultimate Athlete Range: This collection is comprised of twelve of the most mainstream natural formulas of the most hard-hitting mainstream, natural choice on the world market. Formulas range from low- to high- intensity, and provide support to various organs and functions. This range will work its hardest to accommodate all of your own individual needs.

Black China Labs has made a commitment to its customers to research and develop the most up-to-the-minute bodybuilding supplement in this industry today. All of Black China Labs’ products are available for purchase on its website.

Consequently, they also list each official distributor, as well. This is because there are virtually hundreds of counterfeit products on the market at this time. Fortunately, they are easy to spot, since Black China Labs changed the face of their packaging in 2009.

In addition, you may want to request any relevant documentation from your BCL supplier for all official products, since the only place you can acquire them is from official suppliers and manufacturers around the globe. In fact, Black China Labs holds a trademark for their brand, and hopes to rid the entire supplement market of all counterfeit, fake products and formulas.

Since 2009, Black China Labs has endeavored to become the largest manufacturer of the most powerful and most effective anabolic the supplement offered. Forum reviews of their products are mostly positive. Thanks to the worldwide media and several successful marketing strategies this has, indeed, come to be the case. Compare Black China Labs with other supplement providers by using the free supplement finder now! 

Black China Labs