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Blackwing and Internet Sales

Online, Blackwing sells its meats to some of the most prestigious, five star restaurants in the country, providing an excellent product at competitive prices. Believing in going the distance, Blackwing does more than simply sell their products. In fact, they provide recipes for chefs, sales reps, and consumers, not to mention technical assistance with food preparation.

Blackwing Organic Red Meats is ideal for anyone who wants to serve, not to mention eat, the healthiest, most natural selection of red meats. From the everyday ordinary to the most exotic, Blackwing has you covered for everything from the product to cooking instructions and recipe ideas; they do it all at competitive prices.

Blackwing Farms and Animal Supplements

Another supplement provider is Blackwing Farms. This organization sells animal supplements for issues ranging from ADD to fears and phobias. They also offer a line of essential oils for people. Of course, neither of these meets your needs if you are seeking nutritional supplements to help with working out and weight training.

Blackwing and the House of Nutrition

Another supplement company, The House of Nutrition, also goes above and beyond to provide full service to its customers. Unlike either Blackwing company, there is ample information about this organization online.

In 1991, The House of Nutrition opened to the public in Yonkers, NY, just outside of Manhattan. Thanks to their tremendous customer service efforts, as well as their scientifically-tested, competitively-priced products, The House of Nutrition has developed an extremely loyal customer base.

Owner, Dr. Brian Nicoletti is a firm believer in health and wellness. In fact, it is his goal to provide the most effective, personalized care possible. A chiropractor for almost three decades, Dr. Nicoletti firmly believes in assisting his patients achieve their own personal health goals. He is also a proponent of knowing your own body: the more you know about it and how it works, the better able you are to care for and maintain it for optimum health.

As a graduate with a Bachelors of Science from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh, he went on to get his degree in Chiropractic medicine from New York Chiropractic College in the early 1980s. Additionally, he is certified in Diet and Nutrition science from the State of New York. Since receiving his degree, he has been practicing Chiropractic medicine in Westchester County in New York State.

Nicoletti’s colleague, Ms. Carol Lombardo, is a health practitioner who has practiced alternative medicine for the past twenty years. She is certified in the study of Natural Health from the Stratford Institute in Washington, DC, from which she graduated with honors in 2003, as well as in conventional medicine. Lombardo also holds certification in Thermo genesis, Syndrome X, Homeopathy, Cardiology, Herbology, and Addictive Behaviors and Psychology.

Blackwing, the House of Nutrition and the Internet

Today, The House of Nutrition serves many thousands of customers on the internet in an effort to continue to provide the same superior customer service at competitive prices that its store patrons have enjoyed for so many years. As an accredited business and member of the Better Business Bureau, they offer their many customers a variety of supplements, including those for weight loss, sports nutrition, everyday nutritional supplements, and of course, health and beauty items. In addition, they offer free shipping on many of their most popular products.

The House of Nutrition website is fast and incredibly simple to navigate. You can shop by using a variety of methods, including by brand, category, and health concern. In addition, they offer a wide variety of professional health brands and “Blowouts,” items sold at low sale prices.

Herbs can also be purchased at The House of Nutrition at low, reasonable prices. For everything from Bee Pollen to Tea Tree Oil, The House of Nutrition has all of the herbal supplements you would ever need to meet your health and wellness goals.

The House of Nutrition has become a well-established icon in the vitamin supplement market. They have grown from being a mere store front in Yonkers, New York, to one of the forerunners in the industry; selling online to customers worldwide. Thanks to the forward thinking of Dr. Brian Nicoletti and his assistant Carol Lombardo, they have all manners of supplements covered; from the conventional to the holistic. Use the free supplement finder to compare many more companies now!