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Bliss Shots Reviews

Like most nutritional supplements, Bliss Shots receives a variety of reviews from both sides of the spectrum. There are plenty of forum posts across the Internet singing the praises of Bliss Shots as the best mood and sexual performance enhancer on the market. Proponents of the supplement claim that it does exactly what it claims; producing feelings of euphoria and heightened sexual awareness, and making for a more pleasing and intense sexual experience.

On the other hand, there are an equal number of postings claiming that Bliss Shots does nothing but give users a caffeine buzz. Many of these posters claim they drank one shot and waited for 20 to 30 minutes for it to take effect. With no noticeable feelings of euphoria, many took a second shot and still felt no effect. It is quite possible that the herbs and other ingredients included in this product have properties that work for some people but not for others.

Among the other complaints found on forum postings is the taste of Bliss Shots. Many users commented that the taste was poor at best, terrible at worst. Users typically mix the supplement with water or their favorite beverage. Some have been known to add it to salads or use it as a dressing on vegetables. There were some users who claimed the taste was not bad, and some who even said they enjoyed it.

Bliss Shots Warnings

Common to all the promotional material from Bliss Shots distributors is a warning not to use the product within a few hours of driving, operating heavy equipment or machinery, or engaging in other potentially dangerous activities. If the product does as advertised, the euphoric feelings it produces are similar to drunkenness which can obviously produce serious and unwanted results. The product is also not recommended for use in conjunction with alcohol or mood-altering drugs.

Bliss Shots Pros and Cons

The most positive aspect this product has going for it relies solely on whether or not it performs as advertised. If it does, it is one of the least expensive mood enhancers on the market. Furthermore, as an aphrodisiac and sexual enhancement product, it can be used by both men and women.

The negative aspects of Bliss Shots are quite numerous, beginning with:

  • The alarming lack of information about the manufacturer. This lack of information prevents consumers from researching the reputation of the manufacture before purchasing the company's products. Furthermore, during the course of this review it was not possible to find images of the packaging large enough to read the manufacturer's name. Consumers should be wary of any supplement manufacturer who goes to such extents to hide their identity.
  • Another negative is the fact that Bliss Shots does not include any clinical studies or test results proving that their product works. Consumers must rely solely on promotional materials and the testimonials of previous users. Bliss Shots could help its cause by providing information on test results.
  • Finally, the difficulty in finding Bliss Shots locally tends to cause some consumers to be cautious about purchasing it. If the product was more readily available at mainstream supplement stores and pharmacies, one might be more inclined to give it a try. As it is, Bliss Shots seems to be destined to remain a niche supplement with a very limited customer base.

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Bliss Shots