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Blue Star Nutraceuticals Products

Blue Star Nutraceuticals has a line of products to help you lose weight and/or gain muscle. These supplements are divided into eight categories: elite protein, essential omegas, pre-training, post-training, hormone igniters, performance, vitamins for athletes, and fat loss.

Blue Star Nutraceuticals’ nutritional supplements are listed below by category.

  • Essential Omegas – Omega Blue improves cardiovascular health and brain function and helps inflamed joints
  • Elite Protein – ISO Smooth, which contains CLA, flaxseed and digestive enzymes
  • Hormone Igniters – Status and TribXD, both of which increase testosterone levels
  • Vitamins for Athletes – Vitality Men and Vitality Women, specially designed to support the needs of each gender
  • Performance – Creatine, Extreme RUSH and PowerDX help you workout better by boosting your strength
  • Fat Loss – Blade suppresses your appetite and gives you more energy
  • Post-Training – IOS Smooth, GlucimineXD and BCAAxd decrease recovery time and DOMS, boost your immune system, and provide nutrients.
  • Pre-Training – Extreme RUSH increases your energy and power

Blue Star Nutraceuticals products sell for between $15.99 and $89.99.

Blue Star Nutraceuticals and Professional Athletes

The company also sells their supplements in stacks, or supplements grouped together for a specific goal, and various athletes endorse these stacks. Andy Sinclair, a fitness cover model, uses the “Cover Model” Stack (BCAAxd, GlucimineXD, IOS Smooth, Status, Vitality Men, and Omega Blue) to keep his body looking good. The “Fit Teacher” Stack (Blade, BCAAxd, IOS Smooth, Vitality Woman, and Omega Blue) helps high school gym teacher and personal trainer Lisa Faria stay healthy, fit and energetic.

With six other stacks – “Original” Situation, “Wrestler,” “Athlete”, “Mass Monster,” “Naturalist” and “Bikini Body” – to choose from, there is a stack to fit most anyone’s needs. Stacks range in price from $188.96 to $274.44.

Blue Star Nutraceuticals Website

You enter Blue Star Nutraceuticals on its homepage, which consists of a video advertising the company. The Blue Star Exposed page gives very little information about the company, except to say that it strives to provide its customers with good products without all the fuss.

A list of the types of supplements Blue Star Nutraceuticals sells is located on the left side of the products page, and when you roll your mouse over each category, a sub-menu pops out to the right. This isn’t a great design, because when the sub-menus appear, they are blocked by the images on the main part of the page.

The company devotes an entire page to questions about shipping. Here you will find answers about when Blue Star Nutraceuticals ships orders, how long it will take to get your order, which orders qualify for free shipping, and many other shipping concerns.

The FAQ page focuses on issues you might have if you return items, such as your right to return items in any condition within 60 days of purchase, making sure you get a confirmation number before you return orders, and where you should send returned items.

On the Athlete page, you can read about seven athletes from various fields who use Blue Star Nutraceuticals nutritional supplements as part of their weight loss and/or muscle building regimen. For each athlete, there is a biography, their workout routine, examples of meals they eat and a Q&A section.

There is only a form you can fill out on Blue Star Nutraceuticals’s Contact page, but their address and a wholesale phone number is on the bottom of every page.

Blue Star Nutraceuticals Reviews and Conclusion

Blue Star Nutraceuticals’ lack of information about the company is disturbing. They claim to provide superior supplements without bragging about their effects, but this in itself is either bragging or is a ploy as unreal as the magic pills they say other companies sell.

There is a place for people to comment on each nutritional supplement Blue Star Nutraceuticals sells, but only Extreme RUSH has reviews, which are positive. Searching on other websites for reviews doesn’t help much either because very few are out there. Of the products evaluated – Blade, IOS Smooth and Status – the reviews are mostly positive, the only negative comment being that chocolate flavored IO Smooth is hard to mix without a blender.

The limited information about their products on Blue Star Nutraceuticals’ website might make you wary. But with their 60-day money back guarantee, you can try nutritional supplements from Blue Star Nutraceuticals risk free. If they don’t work, just send them back. Compare Blue Star and other product providers by using the free supplement finder now! 

Blue Star Nutraceuticals