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Body Genie Calculators

Body Genie offers three calculators for you to use. The first calculator is a fitness evaluation calculator and it is very easy to use. You enter your gender, height, weight, neck circumference, waist circumference, hip circumference and elbow circumferences.

Based on this information, this calculator tells you what your body fat percentage is based on your height and frame (frame is calculated based on the measurements that you provide). They also tell you how long it will take for you to turn fat into muscle and how long it will take to lose the body fat you need to lose to reach your ideal weight and body fat goal.

The second calculator is the life expectancy calculator. This calculator requires you to answer 22 yes or no questions so that the calculator can determine your life expectancy. The nice thing about this calculator is that it gives you notes on the areas that need improvement, letting you know what you can do to increase your life span.

Lastly is the personal goal calculator. This calculator simply takes your current weight and your goal weight and tells you how long it should take you to achieve your goal if you eat healthy and exercise.

Body Genie Program

Once you purchase the Body Genie program you will have to answer 140 questions about your goals, your overall well being, your medical restrictions and so on. This allows Body Genie to determine what kind of plan will work best for you.

In addition, during this process you will determine what goals you want to meet in what period of time. This allows Body Genie to develop a program that can help you achieve your goals when you want them achieved. It is important to note that you will be told if your goals are unhealthy or unrealistic.

One of the problems that many people face when they are on a nutritional program is that the foods that they are allowed to eat are limiting, or they are allergic to certain foods and so on. According to Body Genie you can eat the foods that you love but they will tell you how much of that food is allowed in order to meet your goals.

You can also customize the program based on a number of factors that may be important to you such as:

  • When you eat your meals
  • How many meals you want to eat per day
  • When you wake up and go to bed
  • Goal weight/date
  • More

In addition, you can change your goals, food choices, information and more whenever you want to. If you get bored with a certain type of food you can replace it with something else and see immediately how it affects your meal plan.

What this plan doesn’t offer is a set up for premade foods. This program is designed with the idea that you will be cooking all of your own food, not eating frozen meals. If you do want to eat frozen meals, you can enter in the calories, fat and so on into a calculator and have that reduced from your daily nutritional plan.

This program is very inexpensive compared to other programs; however, if you find that it isn’t working for you or you simply can’t pay any longer, then you can cancel at any time without paying any penalties.

Body Genie also claims that they won’t sell your information to other companies or websites so you can feel safe about sharing your information.

Body Genie and the Protein Serum Isolate

Body Genie, in addition to selling a nutritional plan, also sells a nutritional supplement called Protein Serum Isolate. Body Genie claims that their Protein Serum Isolate offers a 15 times stronger benefit than whey isolate; in other words, there is no whey in their protein serum.

The claim that Body Genie makes is that this product tastes like chocolate and that it benefits the heart, muscles, immune system and more. In addition, they claim that there are over 60 studies conducted by a third party research facility that shows over and over again the benefits of their Protein Serum Isolate.

Body Genie suggests that you take their Protein Serum Isolate in conjunction with starting their nutritional program and an exercise plan in order to speed up your weight loss program and your toning and/or muscle building program.

Body Genie also claims that if you include Protein Serum Isolate as part of your daily diet, you will live longer than you will without it. They claim that this product will help your body eliminate toxins and harmful chemicals in your body as well as removing inflammatory cytokines, which are caused by stress.

Part of this live longer claim applies to you whether you change your lifestyle or not. While Body Genie highly recommends eating healthy and exercise, they claim that even if you don’t make a single change, you will live longer by using one scoop of Protein Serum Isolate a day.

In addition, Body Genie claims that Protein Serum Isolate will give you more energy naturally, which will not only aide you in achieving more in your day to day life, but help you to exercise longer so that you get faster benefits. The belief is that this increase energy will also help you to retain more throughout the day in terms of memory.

If you are a diabetic, Body Genie claims that you won’t have any problem using their product. It is low in calories (120 per scoop) and carbohydrates (6g per scoop) and the daily recommended dose is only a single scoop.

The cost of this product is a bit steep, however, at a whopping $40 per container. Given the fact that one container only lasts for 14 days, you could be spending a pretty penny on the Protein Serum Isolate if you take it every day as recommended.

Protein Serum Isolate also comes with a warning. Because protein pulls water from your body, you need to increase your water intake, one ounce of water for every 2 pounds that you weight, each day while you are using Protein Serum Isolate to prevent dehydration. To compare Body Genie with other nutrition options, use the free supplement finder now! 

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