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Body Well Nutrition Products

On the Body Well Nutrition website, they only promote two products, First Order and Tight Curves.

  • First Order is a product that is designed for both men and women and for any type of sport or daily activity. Body Well Nutrition claims that First Order gives you both the physical and mental energy your body needs to function properly throughout the day. First Order is supposed to reduce fatigue caused by exercise, produce energy, increase stamina and endurance, allow you to recover faster after a workout, lower cortisol levels and increased mental acuity. In addition, Body Well Nutrition claims that it also increases growth hormone levels.
  • Tight Curves is designed specifically for women. The idea is that this product will help you to develop a curvy body as long as you are eating a healthy diet and exercising as well. In addition, Body Well Nutrition claims that Tight Curves will aid in toning muscles, speed up the fat loss process, increase bone density, improve mood and more.

While these are the only products mentioned on the Body Well Nutrition website, there are several other products available. These products include:

E2 Pro Charge is a protein powder that is supposed to bypass the liver to reduce the amount of protein that is converted into glucose in the bloodstream. According to Body Well Nutrition, E2 Pro Charge delivers more proteins and amino acids to the muscle for a more targeted affect on the body.

E2 voltage is an energy drink that is supposed to, well, give you more energy. The expectation is that if you have more energy then you will reduce mental and physical fatigue, which will result in a longer workout. In addition, E2 Voltage supposedly increases mental acuity and elevates mood.

Top Secret is a fat burner and energy enhancer product that is geared towards women. This product can be taken by both men and women but the packaging suggests that women are who Body Well Nutrition had in mind. According to Body Well, Top Secret will encourage fat burning, tighten muscles, suppress the appetite and increase energy levels without the jitters.

While according to the Body Well Nutrition website they only provide products that have been well researched and studied, there are no published studies available for the Body Well products. Because of this, you will have to make your own determination about the safety and efficacy of these products.

Body Well Nutrition Product Price

The prices of Body Well Nutrition products are pretty much in line with similar products. The prices range from $20 to $50, with the higher price range being for much more of the product.

Body Well Nutrition Last Thoughts

The truth is that Body Well Nutrition makes a lot of promises on their website about the quality of their products and the commitment that they have to the people who use their products. In terms of the quality of their products, however, they offer no corroborating evidence or studies to show the benefits of using their products.

Most supplement companies don’t offer much in terms of studies when it comes to their products, but it is disappointing to see it promised but without any proof.

This doesn’t mean that the products offered by Body Well Nutrition don’t work; it simply means that you are going to have to try them if you want to know if they work. Because of the cost of many supplements, it can be a bit frustrating to try product after product to discover what will work for you. To save time you may want to check out some online forums before you make a purchase. Compare nutrition products with free supplement finder now! 

Body Well Nutrition