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How BodyRev Fitness Products Work

The BodyRev fitness product is made of durable and commercial grade ABS construction. The handles rotate freely to allow more flexibility in your motion, thereby engaging more muscles. Removable weights are center loaded and can be adjusted for anywhere from four to 10 pounds.

The concept behind the BodyRev product is that it provides functional training, building strength for things we do on a daily basis, such as carrying grocery bags or playing a sport. Several training methods are combined during the workout, such as Pilates and Yoga as well as Tai Chi. Fluid motions help reduce risk of injury that you may otherwise be exposed to with free weights or barbells.

Functional training focuses on continuous movement. This is different than the jarring motions you get when you are lifting weights in the free weight room. Some examples of functional exercise that we get every day include walking, lifting, bending, twisting, and even sitting and standing.

Since BodyRev combines aerobic exercise with strength training, you get the benefit of two workouts in one session. BodyRev was designed by a professional trainer, Alden Mills, who is also a former Navy Seals officer. Mark Friedman was the co-founder and co-designer.

BodyRev Fitness Test Results

Two independently hosted studies were conducted to test the fitness results from using the BodyRev fitness product. A 12 week study revealed average results of a 30% decrease in body fat and 11 pounds off of the scale. The metabolic resting rate also increased by 155 calories on a daily basis. The average dress size dropped to a size 4/5.

It is important to note that the BodyRev fitness test results described above were not achieved just from using the BodyRev fitness product in an exercise program. Good nutrition was part of the BodyRev fitness system and BodyRev offered a New You Meal Plan that was meant to be a nutritionally balanced meal that was easy to prepare.

The New You Meal Plan contained five meal plans and snacks a day. You could mix and match all of the foods on the plan categories without having to worry about counting calories. The plan was designed in such a way that any 5 meal items that you chose totaled 1500 calories.

What to Expect with Your BodyRev

When you ordered a BodyRev System, you received the BodyRev, the BodyRev Essentials Video (DVD or VHS), the New You Meal Plan, and a Quick Start Guide. You also received a 30 day training calendar. The 30 day training calendar listed daily activities so that you could jump in and start your new BodyRev system right away.

The video contains 60 minutes of exercises, broken into four segments that were 15 minutes each. One section focused on the arms, another section focused on the abs, a third section focused on your buttocks and thighs, and the last session was dedicated to a total body workout.

Although the BodyRev has apparently been discontinued, you may still be able to buy the BodyRev Fitness System from previous owners. New, the system retailed for approximately $129. As an accessory from some stores you can also purchase a sports bag for about $35 to store and carry your BodyRev tool.

Since the BodyRev TM Exerciser is discontinued, it is uncertain how many health clubs are still using it for group exercise classes. The notion of combining any type of exercise to get twice the workout in half the time is always desired, so it is possible some people are still happily using their fitness system from BodyRev. Use the workout plan finder to locate an ideal routine for use either with or without the BodyRev, now! 

Nominated for the SGMA Product of the Year