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Year Founded: 2002


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Boland Naturals Inc. and Ogoplex

Ogoplex is made from seed husks of a number of botanical seeds. Part of the manufacturing process includes stripping these ingredients of toxins and allergens.

A man would use Ogoplex to help increase the number of contractions that he experiences during orgasm. Anecdotal accounts from Ogoplex users indicate that it's possible to go from 4-7 contractions during orgasm to between 12-15 contractions. As a result, a larger volume of seminal fluid is released at the end of the orgasm.

According to the manufacturer, Ogoplex will increase sperm production and give testosterone levels a boost. The product also strengthens the vas deferens so that a higher amount of seminal fluid is emitted during ejaculation. This product also lowers the amount of recovery time in between erections and helps to ensure that a second orgasm can be achieved more quickly and improves the quality of the experience for him.

This product is manufactured using a blend of pollen flower extracts from Sweden. Flower pollen has been used in this part of the world for decades for prostate health and to improve sexual potency in males. These ingredients have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which have a positive effect on prostate health.

Boland Naturals Inc. and Ogoplex 90 Count

Ogoplex 90 is the product manufactured by Boland Naturals to intensify the male orgasmic experience. Once a man starts taking this supplement, he is not going to see instant results. This is the type of product that must build up in the body for some time before the user will notice a change, and the man using it will need to use it regularly for between 5-7 days before the effects will become apparent.

The Ogoplex 90 product can safely be used by men who have undergone surgical procedures. The company declares that it is safe, even for users who have had a vasectomy.

The product contains Vitamins A and E. It also contains a proprietary blend of Flower Pollen Extract and Cernitin, which is a fermented extract taken from pollen. Bee pollen is not used in this product; instead the Cernitin is microbiologically fermented.

The Vitamin A component of Ogoplex 90 helps to improve the user's eyesight. Vitamin E has antioxidant properties, and helps to keep the heart and circulatory system healthy. The most important benefits to men who choose to use Ogoplex 90 are deeper and more pleasurable orgasms, along with a higher number of contractions during ejaculation. The amount of seminal fluid released after orgasm is also increased by using this product.

Boland Naturals Inc. Safety and Recommended Dosage

The company uses natural products, which it contends are quite safe and that do not cause any adverse side effects in users. Ogoplex is marketed to male consumers, but the product can also be used by women. The recommended dosage for this product is one tablet per day.

The recommended dosage of Ogoplex 90 is one tablet per day. The product is sold in bottles of 90 tablets, which provides enough for three months at a time.

The Ogoplex and Ogoplex 90 Count products are available from a number of online retailers. They are marketed to men who want to have a more intense and satisfying sexual experience. Based on anecdotal accounts posted online, there are men who feel that it helps them every time, while others report that these products' effectiveness has to do with external factors, such as mood. There are other accounts where consumers have claimed to have tried the product but not experienced any change in their sexual experiences as a result of using it at all. Compare Boland Naturals and other products with the free supplement finder now! 

Boland Naturals, Inc.