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Bradley Asgard and Microdrol

Currently microdrol is the only product Bradley Asgard has on the market. The company has stated that they are working on two additional products, similar in nature to microdrol, which will be introduced in the near future.

Microdrol is a pro-hormone steroid, which is similar to an anabolic steroid in terms of its benefits and side effects. Although many anabolic and some pro-hormone steroids have been banned by the FDA and made illegal in the United States, microdrol is currently legal for those over 21 years of age.

The major benefit to microdrol over other steroids is the fact that it comes in liquid form to be taken orally as opposed to steroids that are injected or swallowed in pill form. Solid pill form steroids can take several hours to dissolve and start increasing muscle size. Liquid form steroids can deliver a full dose of the hormone to the muscles within one hour of consumption.

Bradley Asgard’s microdrol is made up of a 1% atomized solution containing 5 milligrams per 2 milliliter of 2a-17-a-dimethyl-5a-androst-3-one, or methasterone. The dosage recommended by the company is stated as twice daily, eight hours apart, for eight weeks at a time, followed by a two week break.

Microdrol is said to build lean muscle and burn fat in a very short amount of time. Another focus of the marketing for it emphasizes the fact that it is a legal alternative to similar banned substances.

Bradley Asgard Product Reviews

Microdrol receives positive press from many body builders and weight trainers who have chosen to use it because it is legal, yet delivers the same effects of several banned anabolic steroids. The fact that it comes in liquid form is a strong pro for the product. While there are not many specific negative reviews that could be found for the product, the cons are the side effects that may be seen as a result of using a steroid supplement.

Steroids can cause several adverse side effects in your body, whether the steroid is of the anabolic or pro-hormone variety. Many of these are due to the increased hormone levels it causes. Men can see hair loss and increased breast size. Women may see the growth of unwanted facial hair.

Anyone can experience significant irritability and aggression, acne, and hair loss. These side effects are relatively minor compared to the more severe side effects that long term steroid use can lead to including, heart, liver, and kidney failure.

Often people do not think of the significance of the side effects with pro-hormones because more of them are legal and they easier to purchase. Many people therefore have more problems with pro-hormones because they do not take the precautions they should.

You should not assume there are any “safe” steroids. The level of hormones steroids delivered to the body can cause side effects for the rest of your life, well beyond the time you are using them. Many men end up on testosterone replacement therapy for the rest of their lives due to an inability of their bodies to regulate hormone levels after using steroids for an extended period of time.

There are also the ethical side effects. Whether or not you view steroid use as cheating within your sport, if you are subject to performance enhancing drug testing or work-related drug testing, you should not take either anabolic or a pro-hormone steroid such as microdrol.

Bradley Asgard Company Reviews

While there is little information about the company itself, a few reviews are available about some of Bradley Asgard’s practices and policies. Many body builders who use microdrol proclaim Bradley Asgard to be an innovative company and applaud them for developing a product that has been able to remain legal yet delivers the same effects of several illegal anabolic steroids.

Bradley Asgard’s lack of a public website and any public information about the company is a major con in terms of its public relations. It also does not offer free samples or any form of a money back guarantee for its product which is considered poor practice by some.

Are you interested in finding out more about microdrol and other legal alternatives to anabolic steroids? Use our free supplement finder tool to find a supplement that meets your needs now. 

Bradley Asgard