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Built by Iron Clothing Co. Clothing

Supporting their claim of selling mainstream clothes to bodybuilders, Built by Iron Clothing Co.’s t-shirt designs look like what you would find in many other stores. However, it has a limited selection.

Built by Iron Clothing Co. sells four t-shirts for men. They have intricate designs that you might find in any clothing store, such as Old Navy, and are named Agony, Glory, Savage and Honor, words that provoke strong feelings and images associated with buff men.

There is even less of a selection for women, with only two t-shirts to choose from. The shirts are red and white, featuring elaborate designs and are called Heart and Passion.

All shirts are made with 100% cotton. Their “tea-stain” wash makes them softer than most t-shirts, and the designs on each shirt are applied by hand, making every one unique.

Built by Iron Clothing Co.’s shirts cost $38.99 if you buy them from their website. You can save six dollars by purchasing them from Bodybuilding.com.

Built by Iron Clothing Co. Website

Built by Iron Clothing Co. has a basic website with a red and black theme. It lists its shirts on the product page, and you can buy directly from them. The blog entries tell about bodybuilders, such as Dave Goodin and Melinda Meyer, who appeared in magazines or at events wearing Built by Iron Clothing Co. clothes. The blog also tells of other important news, such as Built by Iron Clothing Co.’s partnership with Bodybuilding.com.

One unique aspect of their website is that Built by Iron Clothing Co. posts pictures of their customers wearing the company’s shirts on the picture page. By following the directions on this page, you can send your picture to the company and see yourself on their website. Once you send Built by Iron Clothing Co. your picture, they retain all rights on it and you will not be paid for its use.

The website has one disadvantage: You can’t get a good view of the designs on the t-shirts. Unlike most online stores, Built by Iron Clothing Co. doesn’t offer enlarged views of their shirts. Instead, when you click on the top half of a t-shirt’s picture, a pop-up appears in the middle of the screen with the picture but it’s the same size. By clicking on a picture’s bottom half, you can share it with other people via social network sites, like Facebook and Twitter, or by email.

Built by Iron Clothing Co. Conclusion

Built by Iron Clothing Co.’s lack of selection and high prices may make you question buying clothes from them, but you should remember you’re paying for handcrafted shirts, which heightens their value. If you want t-shirts that accentuate your body but also sport the name of a known store for bodybuilders, you can try going to Built by Iron Clothing Co.

This store may avoid images and icons that are stereotypical of bodybuilders’ clothing, but they clearly support the stereotypical differences between men and women, although, hopefully, they are not doing so on purpose. Many other bodybuilder clothing companies have clothes for the two genders, but the different styles just reflect the different preferences of men and women.

The company’s names for their shirts are what makes them stand out. They name them for common conceptions of what men and women are known for: Glory, Agony, Savage and Honor for men and Passion and Heart for women. You can decide if that works for you. Despite some flaws, Built by Iron Clothing Co. appears to make good products to help bodybuilders find stylish clothes.

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Built by Iron Clothing Co.