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Bullet Nutrition and the Protein Bullet Supplement

Protein Bullet is a liquid supplement containing 42g of protein isolate. While the USDA recommends 50g of protein per day for the average American, the Bullet Nutrition website claims that some doctors believe that number should be closer to 70g. The company further maintains that taking two doses of its supplement on a daily basis improves overall health.

In addition to protein isolate, the product also contains 3 B-vitamins (B5, B6, B12) and a fair amount of sodium. The vitamins are added as a benefit to consumers who have had gastric bypass surgery. According to Bullet Nutrition, their supplement is packed with these vitamins at levels hundreds of times greater than the recommended daily allowance as a means of boosting the energy of bariatric surgery patients.

Bullet Nutrition and Purchasing the Product

Consumers may purchase Protein Bullet directly from the Bullet Nutrition website. The product comes in three flavors: Wild Barry, Orange Cream, and Lemon-Line. It is sold by the case, which amounts to 12 bottles of 2.8 fluid ounces each, at a cost of $42.99. The website states that free shipping is currently available. There is no indication of whether this is a standard practice or just a temporary, special deal.

Consumers who prefer to purchase the product along with other nutritional supplements can find links to several online distributors on the Bullet Nutrition website. Interestingly, prices from other distributors tend to be significantly less, ranging anywhere from $31.99 to $37.99. Brick-and-mortar retailers carrying Protein Bullet include Smoothie King and Smoothie Factory.

Bullet Nutrition Website

One of the most disappointing aspects of Bullet Nutrition is the limited amount of information found on the company website. As with most nutritional supplement companies, it appears as though Bullet Nutrition doesn't want its customers to know anything about them or who they are. Their website is simply a multi-page advertisement touting the benefits of the product with no real usable information beyond that.

To their credit, the website does contain the full company name and address, telephone number, and an e-mail address which can be used to contact them. The website is clean and easy on the eyes, and loads quickly in most browsers. It is also easy to navigate, though one could make the case that this is primarily due to a lack of content.

The website is slightly deceptive in the sense that its main page lists two product categories, both of which take users to the same promotional page when clicked on. Once inside the site, the two categories are displayed as part of the top menu despite the fact that the information is exactly the same. In simple terms, there really aren't two product categories at this time.

Bullet Nutrition Overview

It appears as though Bullet Nutrition has not expanded beyond their Protein Bullet product. This is despite the fact that the company has been in business since mid-2009. Consumers looking for a protein isolate supplement may find Protein Bullet to be a bit pricey, especially if purchased directly from the company site. If purchased in conjunction with other products on a third-party site, the reduced cost may make the product worthwhile.

Lastly, Bullet Nutrition doesn't really explain why its protein isolate is any different or better than its competitors. The only advantage it seems to have is the extra B-vitamins, but even at that, there doesn't seem to be anything about Protein Bullet that makes it inherently better for athletes or patients of bariatric surgery. It appears to be just another liquid protein drink with an interesting name and colorful packaging. To compare the Bullet Nutrition product with other nutrition offerings, use the free supplement finder now! 

Bullet Nutrition