Year Founded: 1995


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C.A.L. Product Availability

It appears that C.A.L. products are only available at this time through online supplement distributor bodybuilding.com. A thorough Internet search shows only a handful of websites promoting C.A.L. products, but in every case ordering links point back to bodybuilding.com. The C.A.L. website itself contains all the information about individual products but no means of ordering directly from them.

Interestingly, the company began a wholesale program under the name MQ-911 back in 2000. The program is aimed at creating a direct relationship between C.A.L. and those who are part of the military or emergency response communities. C.A.L. developed the program to allow customers from this demographic to purchase products directly from them at wholesale prices, and have them delivered directly to their homes or offices.

While the program certainly is commendable, its biggest drawback is that the program website doesn't provide consumers with any information about how to utilize it. Perhaps contacting C.A.L. by telephone or e-mail would quickly resolve this problem. Regardless, the lack of information is a bit surprising.

C.A.L. Website

As is the case with many nutritional supplement makers, C.A.L.'s website appears to be their only means of marketing. It seems unreasonable therefore, that for the purposes of this review, more than an hour was spent just trying to locate the site. When it finally was found, it was quite by accident. Even at bodybuilding.com, which is apparently is C.A.L.'s only distributor, information about the company is almost nonexistent.

As for the website itself, it's pretty basic in design and construction. Nevertheless, it's very easy to use and provides very detailed information on all products. If nothing else, consumers who read product descriptions will not be able to claim they were unaware of product ingredients or what company claims were. To their credit, C.A.L. spells out exactly what is in their supplements and what they believe these products will do.

C.A.L. Positives

Probably the most positive aspect of this company is their pricing structure. Their Millennium 2000 supplement, for example, has a website price tag price of $15 for a 60 day supply. While that may be more than the multivitamins one would buy at the drugstore or market, in terms of nutritional supplements it's relatively low. Their creatine bodybuilding supplement is another good example at just $25 for 100 servings.

It must be noted that these prices reflect what consumers would pay if they were enrolled in the MQ-911 wholesale program. Obviously, retail prices may be slightly higher, but they are still reasonable when compared to other similar nutritional supplements on the market.

C.A.L. Negatives

The lack of detailed information about C.A.L. is an obvious negative. However, this problem is not unique to this company. It seems to be pervasive in the health and nutritional supplement industry as a whole. Beyond that, the difficulty in locating the company website raises some concern about the business practices of Mr. Gaccetta. This is not to say that the company does anything improper, rather that they don't seem to put a lot of effort into getting their products out.

The biggest negative with C.A.L. is the personal information written by Mr. Gaccetta in his website profile. The profile appears rather arrogant and childish in some places, possibly leading some to believe Mr. Gaccetta is not a man they would care to do business with in person. That being said, his products will speak for themselves through the results they do or do not achieve. Consumers who purchase C.A.L. supplements and are pleased with them need not pay any attention to the website profile. To compare C.A.L. products with others on the market, use the free supplement finder now!