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CAP Barbell Beginnings

When the company first began it focused only on free weights and related accessories. Since then, CAP Barbell has expanded to include more than 700 products in more than 10 categories. Those categories include weight sets, racks, benches, home gyms, cardio, and more.

All company products are sold either directly to retailers, who in turn make them available to both the general public, or commercial fitness operations. A complete product catalog can be downloaded from the CAP Barbell website.

CAP Barbell Brands

CAP Barbell distributes products primarily under four different brand names:

  • CAP Barbell - free weights, dumbbells, and more, designed for beginners and casual fitness enthusiasts
  • Velocity Fitness - equipment such as ellipticals and rowing machines aimed at improving cardiovascular health
  • Tone Fitness - a family of fitness products designed exclusively for the unique needs of women
  • CAP Strength - entry level equipment such as racks and benches, with an emphasis on individual safety and performance

Most CAP Barbell products come with a 30-day warranty against defective materials and workmanship. The one exception are their pro-style dumbbells and barbells which carry a 90-day warranty. Along those same lines, one of the things that CAP Barbell is known for is superior quality and customer service. Review after review cites the durability and dependability of their equipment as well as a reputation for properly honoring warranties.

CAP Barbell Professionalism

Perhaps one of CAP Barbell's greatest assets is their attitude of professionalism. This company takes itself very seriously and strives to project an attitude of pride and professionalism in all they do. In an industry known for rip-offs and fly-by-night schemes, a company like his CAP Barbell is a refreshing change. The fact that their products are carried by so many retailers across the country only adds further credence to this.

Company professionalism extends to the CAL Barbell website, which is cutting-edge in both design and appearance. One look at the homepage instantly tells viewers they are not dealing with some cheap, amateur operation working out of a Southern California garage. It's evident CAP Barbell has invested plenty of resources in developing a website that is both informative and effective from a marketing standpoint.

The website lists the company's product categories which users can click to begin browsing. The various products are arranged in a rotating slide of thumbnails, with the appropriate product description coming up every time a new thumb nail is selected. Product descriptions are by no means detailed, but they are sufficient enough for users to understand the basic concepts. The company catalog is a bit more detailed and continues the professional appearance of the website.

CAP Barbell Final Thoughts

The health and fitness industry is rife with individuals and companies whose business practices are suspect at best. CAP Barbell breaks that mold by providing quality fitness equipment along with excellent customer service, decent warranties, and a professional attitude. A history of more than 30 years in the business suggests this company is doing something right.

If there is a downside to CAP Barbell, it lies in the fact that their products can be somewhat expensive on the retail market. Less expensive alternatives are readily available at many of the same retailers carrying CAP Barbell. However, where fitness equipment is concerned it is true that you get what you pay for. High quality equipment that will last for 10 to 20 years generally costs more.

It would seem that CAL Barbell's nationally known reputation should be good evidence that their products are worth the price. Fortunately, with so many retail outlets available, consumers have plenty of opportunity to take a look at the equipment in person. Combined with the helpful knowledge of the sales person, that might be just enough to make you confident in a CAP Barbell purchase. Browse both the workout finder and the supplement finder to decide what equipment and tools you need from CAP Barbell or other sources, now! 

CAP Barbell