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Year Founded: 2008


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Carb BOOM! Products

The Carb BOOM! product list is made up essentially of two items: Energy Gel and Energy Chews. Both supplements provide a blend of complex carbohydrates, sugars, and electrolytes designed to give athletes an energy boost while also replacing essential nutrients lost through perspiration. The supplements contain no artificial ingredients and are flavored with real fruit to make them more enjoyable.

For best results, the company recommends using supplements in three different ways. First, they suggest consuming one serving 15 minutes before exercise begins in order to prepare the body. Next, high energy levels are apparently sustained by consuming one or two more servings per hour, during the exercise period. Finally, one last serving is suggested immediately upon completion of exercise to help aid in the recovery process. The company provides no scientific or medical data justifying these recommendations.

Carb BOOM! does offer a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee on both supplements. They don't offer free samples, but retail prices are affordable enough to warrant giving them a try. It must be stated that Carb BOOM! supplements are designed strictly as energy boosting supplements only. They are in no way marketed for weight loss or bodybuilding purposes.

Carb BOOM! Website

One of Carb BOOM!'s greatest assets is their website. It offers a plethora of exhaustive information, considering the company only distributes two main products. A Q&A section details a long list of common questions along with appropriate and concise answers. Users will find that the Q&A section contains genuine and useful content not found on the websites of many other nutritional supplement makers.

The site also contains an extensive Sports Nutrition section providing dozens of articles related to sports nutrition and workout routines. More than just an advertisement for company products, these articles address a wide variety of topics such as training tips and pace charts for various disciplines. Many articles are written by individuals who appear to have the proper credentials.

Carb BOOM! Sponsorships

One of the more unique aspects of this company is their willingness to sponsor individual athletes and teams in many different sports. Their website contains a section dedicated to sponsorships and invites candidates to fill out an online application for consideration. The company clearly states that sponsorships are limited, but the right candidates will be considered as they are made available.

Carb BOOM! has been known in the past to sponsor cyclists, runners, triathletes, and more. The company has also sponsored specific athletic events in the past, adding both their name and reputation to the legitimacy of such events. As part of the sponsorship, the company sets up its own display at the event for promotional purposes.

The only downside to their sponsorship relates to the company's failure to make available a list of previously sponsored athletes. The website contains a link that's supposed to lead to such a list, but the page itself simply says "coming soon."

Carb BOOM! has enjoyed enough success in their markets that it is reasonable to believe they are a company that can be trusted. Despite the lack of clinical data relating to their specific supplements, science has long known the benefits of complex carbohydrates and electrolytes in boosting energy levels.

The fact that Carb BOOM! makes no wild claims, and adds no extra ingredients to their products, means that their energy boosters are more than likely legitimate. Consumers should feel relatively comfortable in dealing with them and/or buying their supplements. Use the free supplement finder to compare their products with many others now! 

Carb BOOM!