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CEL Apparel

The apparel from CEL is more than just a fashion statement at the gym. The clothes are designed to help you get the most benefit from your workout.

The men’s or girl’s fitted short sleeve top is actually a CEL active heat release workout top. The stretch fit layer top is long sleeved and the CEL active running jacket has a heat lock zipper. Track bottoms are stretchy for extra comfort and do not impede your workout routine.

To complete your workout wardrobe, CEL offers a gym bag and complimentary hand towel. The gym bag can be used to carry all of your workout essentials.

When you go to the gym you need to consider bringing a change of clothes, a different pair of shoes, and possibly a towel and shower necessities depending on  if your gym supplies you with essentials or not. You may also want to keep your pre workout or post workout supplements in your gym bag for easy reach.

Other items that you can place in your gym bag are your weight training belt and weight training gloves. If you swim at the gym then you may also need to bring swim goggles and a swim cap. Hand wraps, bag gloves, and boxing gloves are also handy to keep in your gym bag, especially if your gym supplies some boxing equipment, such as speed bags.

CEL Supplements

There are currently 11 supplements available from CEL. They are LAB-Series Whey, LAB-Series Gainer, NOX-Rush, CEL-Fuel, 1 Stop Synthesis, FST-7 Test, Lean-Whey, CEL Monohydrate, L-Glutamine, BCAA, and C7-Lean.

Although supplements can be purchased over the counter without a prescription, you may still want to consult with your physician before beginning a new supplement. Even natural supplements can have side effects or react negatively with other medications.

It is also important to understand what a supplement is supposed to do before you begin to take it. For example, you may not want to use a muscle mass builder if you are trying to lose weight. However, if you are trying to burn fat then there are several supplements that can help you with that goal.

Some supplements also do go by alternate names, so if you buy amino acids to help build muscles you may not realize that you are buying a protein supplement. This is typically okay, but if you take in too much protein your kidneys can shut down. Therefore, you need to know exactly what your supplements are so that you can balance your entire diet consequently.

CEL Athletes

There are currently six different athletes that represent CEL products:

  • Deanne Berry is a fitness instructor and professional dancer.
  • Chloe Bruce is a combat sports expert and also holds the world record for the MMA.
  • Tom Eastham plays Rugby on a semi-professional basis.
  • Alex Kovas is a specialist that works on conditioning your physique.
  • Loyd Nwogbosa is an athlete for both football and field and track.
  • Ivan Souza is an acrobat and professional gymnast.

If athletes with near perfect bodies do not inspire you to work out, eat right, and take nutritional supplements, then there are the Girls of CEL. The old cliché about sex sells holds true in the supplement sales department as well.

The Girls of CEL are Deanne Berry, Stephanie Fitzpatrick, and Franky Wedge. Deanne Berry is one of the athletes who represents CEL; she is the fitness instructor and professional dancer. Stephanie Fitzpatrick is a professional fitness model and Franky Wedge is an actress, a model, and a dancer.

More than pretty faces and beautiful bodies, the Girls of CEL also use CEL supplements, so they can personally attest to the results of the supplements they use. However, supplements alone are not going to produce results. You need to have a regular fitness routine and a proper diet if you want to lose weight and build muscle.

CEL offers quality supplements that can help athletes, whether novice or professional, build a leaner body. However, supplements are not meant for everyone so it is always recommended to check with your health care provider before buying supplements from CEL or any other supplement supplier. Compare CEL products with many other using the free supplement finder now! 

CEL Sports Supplements