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Changing Times Vitamins Product

The company's product, Multi #1, contains a proprietary blend of blueberries, strawberries, cranberries and elderberries. This product also contains resveratrol. This blend provides a number of health benefits to users, including the following:

  • Cranberries have been shown to raise the levels of HDL (good cholesterol) in the body and lower the LDL (bad cholesterol) levels. Consuming strawberries can lower the production of cholesterol in the liver and they are prized for their antioxidant qualities.
  • Resveratrol, which is derived from red wine, is an ingredient that helps to protect against high cholesterol. People who drink red wine in moderation have a lower risk of developing heart disease than individuals who don't drink wine. It may also help to combat the effects of aging and increase the lifespan of an individual who uses this product. Blueberries are an important antioxidant that can be used to reduce the damage caused by free radicals.
  • Elderberries can give the immune system a boost and prevent illness from infectious disease. They contain Vitamins A. B, C &E, which help to build immunity.

Changing Times Vitamins Product Ingredients

The Multi #1 product contains Vitamins A-K. Found in green and yellow vegetables, Vitamin A helps to improve vision in low light conditions. Vitamin C is found in green vegetables and citrus fruits. Consuming it aids in keeping bones, teeth and gums healthy.

Vitamin D, also known as the "Sunshine Vitamin," can be absorbed through the skin during exposure to sunlight. It is also found in liver and fish oil. This vitamin is important, since it helps the body to absorb calcium more efficiently. Vitamin K is another important component of good health, taking it means that the body will be able to perform blood clotting functions more effectively.

Multi #1 also contains folic acid, which is a B vitamin that helps the body manufacture healthy cells. It is especially important for women of childbearing years to ingest folic acid, since it can help to prevent birth defects of the brain and spine. A woman who is looking for a multivitamin should take one containing folic acid before she becomes pregnant since, by the time her condition is confirmed, the spine has already been formed.

This product also contains Green Tea Leaf extract. Green Tea helps to give the metabolism a boost, and is known as an aid to weight loss. The Green Tea contains Flavonoids, which may change the way the body uses a hormone that monitors the rate at which calories are burned. Using a product containing Green Tea may help to burn calories more effectively, leading to weight loss.

Changing Times Vitamins Ordering and Shopping Information

Customers who want to order product from Changing Times Vitamins can set up a subscription plan so that they receive their vitamins every two months. Customers who choose this option also save 20% on the cost of their order. A customer who has ordered a product from Changing Times Vitamins and wishes to change or cancel the order can do so by calling the company's customer service line for assistance.

All orders are shipped using the United States Postal Service (USPS). Changing Times Vitamins ships to addresses in the U.S. only.

Changing Times Vitamins offers a unique product to the vitamin-buying public. Customers are assured that what they are getting is fresh and has not been stored in a warehouse for a long time before arriving at their home. The vitamin compound contains a number of fruits, as well as vegetables, so that the consumer gets the health benefits of consuming them in a pill form. The vitamins are not meant to replace good nutrition, but rather supplement it instead. To compare Changing Times products with others available, just go to the free supplement finder now! 

Changing Times Vitamins