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Year Founded: 2004


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Chapman Media Group Web Programs

The company currently has all manner of clientele, and is always in search of their next big endeavor. The Fit Show is the first bodybuilding and fitness program that is completely and exclusively web based. Fitness trainees can imagine the convenience of streaming video, aired at any time of day or night, thanks to web technology.

The show is hosted by some of the top fitness experts today. Some of the trainers and fitness buffs you will see on the program include Shawn Ray, Kim Oddo, Hannah Gordon,Tom Prince, Gunter Schierlkamp, Monica Brant, Garrett Downing, Derik Farnsworth, Melvin Anthony and many more. Even Carrot Top makes a special guest appearance in season four, so aspiring bodybuilders may want to watch the entire program for some interesting interviews and tips, and occasional entertainment.

Having so many top fitness personalities ensures that users are getting many different viewpoints and ideas—yes, a rounded perspective on the lifestyle of bodybuilding. You can get some great workout ideas, nutrition advice, food recipes, and coverage of all the major events related to bodybuilding and fitness. There is also a guide discussing supplements included with the web package.

All that is required for access is an Internet connection, though registered website members can expect some extras. This web cast show could very well change your mind about bodybuilding and give you new motivation to keep on a new training regimen. The latest news from the site is that the company will be producing a new webcast by the “Governator” himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Chapman Media Group Products on DVD

Other products produced by Chapman Media Group of interest to bodybuilders include DVD fitness routines. There are some biographical options, such as Dennis Wolf’s “Hungry Like a Wolf” or Silvio Samuel’s “The Will of Mine DVD.”  One of the most popular DVD shows is the “World Class Physique”, an event hosted by the 2006 Pro Masters World Champion, Bob Cicherillo.

On this program you can see the champ’s personal workout routine and get an insider’s look at his knowledge on the subject. Those just starting out in training, as well as hardcore bodybuilders, may find these DVD sets helpful and inspiring. In fitness, it’s all about pushing yourself to reach that next goal. These DVD series bring the point home!

The Chapman Media Group has produced an entire collection of DVDs from industry guru Bob Cicherillo. Each DVD focuses on one area of the body, such as back and chest, legs and calves, or biceps and triceps. There is also a complete DVD disc on competition posing, which can help those bodybuilders who are serious in their endeavors and want to start competing in competitions.

Chapman Media Group’s Contribution to Fitness

Overall, the Chapman Media Group is a midsized company that is doing some innovative things in video production. The company already has many members and clients and optimistically eyes the future of bodybuilding—an industry that is really taking off thanks to Internet shopping and v-logging.

For those of you into fitness who are considering a new regimen or workout plan, you may want to analyze Chapman Media Group’s offerings to see if the company offers the right “match” for your fitness style. It is always helpful to investigate what products the company sells and how other users feel about these products through company reviews. This logical approach to fitness training will only help you to reach your goals faster and keep your body safe. To compare Chapman Media Groups products and others, you can use the free supplement finder now!

Chapman Media Group