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Cherry Bombs Posing Suits

Cherry Bombs makes posing suits for men and women alike. Standard fabric is available in nylon lycra, which is a basic bathing suit material. Specialty fabrics include smooth velvet, metallic foil, twilight velvet, and shattered glass.

Metallic foil fabrics are made with a solid lycra base material. Twilight velvet is simply stretch velvet with glitter accents while shattered glass is stretch lycra enhanced with hologram designs.

Posing suits for men are offered in four different cuts like French, European, flex, and Brazilian for example. The French cut option is the most popular among male bodybuilding customers. Women posing suits are sold in two pieces with a choice of “V”  cut or round cut bottoms. Women also have embellished selections made with Swarovski crystals. They are identified by exclusive names like:

  • Royalty
  • Summer Glory
  • Cascade
  • Astrantia
  • Joan of Arc
  • Sun Burst

Where the average male piece runs $21, embellished suits can run anywhere between $200 and $400. Embellished suits can also be customized to your specifications.

The Cherry Bombs customer service group knows what is involved with bodybuilding competition. Their online tips offer suggestions on proper fitting and gluing techniques so you will feel confident and secure while posing. Since they do not have an actual storefront, appointments are necessary for personal fittings. Personal fittings are only available if you are in or going to be in the Minnesota area.

Cherry Bombs Enhancement Products

Cherry Bombs also offer clear shoes for women in mule or sling back designs, with or without rhinestones. For a little bling, they also sell a selection of rhinestone bracelets and earrings for the ladies. The company keeps prices simple by pricing all shoes at $35 and jewelry around $13.

So that your muscles pop during weight training and body building competition, you might benefit from products such as:

  • Hot Stuff, which enhances circulation to the surface layers of the skin. It creates a warming sensation that keeps your muscles pumped for hours.
  • Muscle Juice is a professional posing oil formulated for the bright stage lights. It is made from sunflower, apricot kernel, vitamin E and almond oils. It is intended to eliminate blind spots during competition. This product is best used for evening or night events.
  • Bikini Bite No Slip Suit Fastener was made to keep your suit in place for hours. Makers claim it will not leave a stain on clothing, nor move until you remove it with soap and water. A skin test will determine if you are allergic to this glue formula.
  • Get Buffed is a formula that exfoliates the skin so that your tanning lotion will absorb through the skin for a professionally tanned look and shine.
  • Pro Tan Competition Color provides competitors with the deep tan you desire. This product can not be shipped internationally. Only domestic Pro Tan orders are filled.

These product additions will add $8 to $25 to your final cost.

Cherry Bombs Merchandise Policies

Cherry Bombs have a strict return policy on posing suits. None of their products are refundable or exchangeable for any reason except standard fabric suits that have not been worn. Shipping generally takes two weeks for regular suits. Specialty fabrics take approximately four weeks, and embellished suits take about eight weeks to ship.

The company has a new website that is still under construction with very few reviews about their merchandise. This is evidence that the company is still relatively new. They obviously had another website as the current website boasts its new security measures. They have an event tab that is currently blank, but as time progresses it appears as though it will be filled with future event information and photos.

Cherry Bombs Reviews

The Cherry Bombs company invites customers to send pictures in the pose suit they purchased from the company. Those that purchased from the company, and wrote a review had positive feedback for Cherry Bombs. They seem to have a niche in the bodybuilding market. Compare Cherry Bombs products with other items to help your bodybuilding goals by using the free supplement finder now! 

Cherry Bombs