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Clinical Health Labs and the Purpose of Fiber in the Diet

If a company chose one product to sell, fiber is a good choice, as the people at Clinical Health Labs probably know. Fiber supplements are no longer regulated to older people who face constipation and need relief. Because of its ability to curb hunger, fiber has become a diet aid.

Fiber does not contain nutrients that are necessary to our bodies and is actually impossible for us to digest. But fiber is very beneficial.

There are two types of fiber that are commonly known: soluble and insoluble:

  • Insoluble fiber contains water and gives feces more bulk as it passes through the digestive system. This allows people to pass stools more easily and purge unneeded materials from the body.
  • Soluble fiber dissolves in water and is actually food for the good bacteria, microorganisms that help fight diseases and perform other beneficial tasks.

Probably the most sought after and well-known role fiber has in the body is helping with weight management. Because it is indigestible, foods high in fiber cause us to feel fuller sooner and stay full longer. People who eat a breakfast full of fiber tend to eat a smaller lunch.

Other benefits of a diet that is high in fiber are: reducing the risks of heart disease and colon cancer, relieving constipation and controlling cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Adults should eat 25-35 grams of fiber a day. It’s best to get much of your fiber from plants, such as fruits or vegetables, but taking fiber supplements is also a good way to work in a few extra grams.

You should add fiber to your diet slowly, and drink more water for the extra fiber you consume. Ingesting more fiber without drinking more water can actually cause constipation.

With all the ways that fiber is beneficial to your body, it’s no wonder it is popular today and Clinical Health Labs chose to sell a fiber supplement.

Clinical Health Labs’ Sole Product FiberJoy

Clinical Health Labs is the maker of FiberJoy, a nutritional supplement that helps in weight loss by slowing digestion so it takes longer to become hungry. FiberJoy seems to be Clinical Health Labs’ only product. In fact, if you search, Clinical Health Labs only has one registered trademark, which is valid indefinitely starting from August 2010. This trademark is for FiberJoy.

FiberJoy is a unique combination of cacti leaves and Prickly Pear that provides you with a good amount of fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help you lose weight or maintain your health. FiberJoy, with Betalain in it, has been proven to be a stronger support for detoxification than any other antioxidant.

FiberJoy helps you lose weight by trapping fat in a bubble of liquid gel that can’t be absorbed by the body, so the fat is expelled during bowel movements. The company claims that research and experimentation have proven that FiberJoy absorbs 28.3% of the fat you consume. FiberJoy forces your food to digest slowly so that it’s hours before you’re hungry for your next meal.

FiberJoy is made with all natural fruits and plants. In addition to all its benefits, there are no side effects when taking this product. Clinical Health Labs did multiple trials before selling FiberJoy and none of the tests produced side effects.    

You should take three FiberJoy capsules 15-20 minutes after eating. This timing is important because as food digests it separates, and it’s better to capture fats when they’re separating from other parts of your food.

Clinical Health Labs Conclusion

It is hard to trust Clinical Health Labs or its products because of the lack of information about the company. The only way to contact them is through email or snail mail. (Both of these addresses are on the FiberJoy website.)

Also, the fact that Clinical Health Labs only produces one product is disconcerting. Although fiber is currently very popular, it seems unlikely that a company could survive in today’s economic climate by only selling one thing. It is possible they have a parent company, but if that is the case, it is not disclosed on the site.

FiberJoy sounds like an excellent product, as professed by the company. However, only one person is posted on the testimonial section of Clinical Health Labs’ website, and reviews aren’t listed on other websites.

Since the trademark is only about seven months old, that could mean that FiberJoy is a relatively new product, which could account for the lack of reviews. So if FiberJoy sounds good to you, don’t be deterred from trying it. If you want to compare Clinical Health Labs' FiberJoy with other comparable products, just go to the free supplement finder now! 

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