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Year Founded: 1999


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CNP Professional Products

The CNP Professional product list contains dozens of different items divided into several categories. Among those categories are meal replacement, muscle growth, sculpting, joint health, and more. The company website provides descriptions of each product that are extremely detailed and include an image of the nutritional information label found on the product packaging. As an added bonus, a description of active ingredients is included to give users an idea of what those ingredients are supposed to do for them.

Unlike some other nutritional supplement makers, CNP Professional appears to have nothing to hide in terms of ingredients or the promotional claims they make. Their website provides at least a small amount of information regarding some clinical studies relevant to their products. Although the data is limited, it is there nonetheless. Furthermore, the company provides a list of FAQs which give users additional information about products, ingredients, and company claims.

CNP Professional Shopping

CNP Professional maintains its own online store for all of its products, which can be purchased as single units or in discounted packs. Unfortunately, their pricing structure is a little more expensive than some of their competitors.

For example, their meal replacement product, sold under the name "Pro MR", sells on the site for $49.99. One package contains 20 single servings, which obviously doesn't last long if one serving is consumed per day. At this price it would cost consumers nearly $75 per month to use this product on a regular basis. On the positive side, the company does offer free shipping anywhere in the US and Canada. This includes Hawaii and Alaska.

CNP does offer a money back guarantee on all online purchases based on certain conditions. First, the product must be returned in its original packaging, within 90 days of purchase, along with a written description of why the product is being returned. If these conditions are met the company will offer a 100% refund or product substitution. They will not refund shipping or return shipping charges. Products returned after 90 days are charged a 25% restocking fee.

Consumers who prefer to purchase the company supplements elsewhere do have a limited number of options in terms of other online supplement retailers. The availability of the CNP products through these other websites varies from time to time and consumers will need to spend some time searching. The CNP Professional website does provide a store locater function to guide consumers to a local brick-and-mortar retailer in their area. Though no national retail chains appear to be CNP distributors, there are dozens of local and regional stores that carry the products.

CNP Professional Overall Impression

During the process of this review the overall impression presented by CNP Professional is a good one. Their marketing information appears to be straightforward and void of any wild claims; something that many other supplement makers cannot say.

The company website provides a fair amount of information regarding their products as well as additional information about nutrition and bodybuilding. The addition of bodybuilding tips and recipes on their website shows a concerted effort by the company to be involved in the sport they claim to support.

Lastly, a nutritional supplement company that's been around as long as CNP Professional, and that enjoys such a strong reputation in the bodybuilding industry, is one that most consumers should be satisfied with. As always, regardless of this review or customer testimonials, use caution when purchasing and using nutritional supplements. If you should suffer any adverse side effects from any CNP Professional supplement, immediately discontinue use and see a physician. To compare other nutritional products with those offered by CMP, got to the free supplement finder now! 

CNP Professional