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Year Founded: 2004


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Cognitive Nutrition Online Experience

Cognitive Nutrition's website is one of the cleanest and most visually attractive in the industry. Many supplement makers build their websites around alleged celebrity endorsements, fanciful claims, bold graphics, and screaming headlines. This company's website is very informative yet subtle in terms of sales pitches. They provide a decent amount of information regarding their goals, the company mission, and the products they sell.

Navigating through the extensive product list can be confusing at times but it's by no means prohibitive. Clicking on a specific product leads the consumer to a page providing a description of what the product allegedly does along with the ingredients it contains. Unlike other supplement websites, Cognitive Nutrition's product description also includes dosage information. As an added bonus, each individual product page is given a comment option where customers can leave reviews.

Online orders are placed through a secure Web server which is certified by both and GeoTrust. The shopping cart accepts all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. They also accept money orders and personal checks, though these payments must be cleared before shipping is commenced. Cognitive Nutrition utilizes UPS as their main shipping provider and charges very reasonable shipping fees.

Cognitive Nutrition Distributors

The Cognitive Nutrition website states that in order to get its products in the hands of as many customers as possible, the company utilizes many other online distributors and traditional retail outlets. While this claim may be encouraging, the company does not offer any way to locate these distributors. There is no store locater or list of online sellers for consumers to contact. The company website does provide a link for interested wholesalers who wish to become Cognitive Nutrition distributors.

Consumers willing to spend some time doing an Internet search on their own will find a small number of online retailers carrying Cognitive Nutrition products. Interestingly, the prices for such supplements on these other websites tend to be less than that of the company's own online store.

In some cases the price difference is great enough that one must ask why he or she would consider buying directly from Cognitive Nutrition. One of the other obvious benefits to purchasing from a distributor is the fact that consumers can buy other supplements, from other manufacturers, at the same time.

It must be noted that even when shopping directly from the manufacturer, Cognitive Nutrition's prices are very reasonable. Where you might spend $50-$75 on a one-month supply of similar products from another manufacturer most of this company's supplements run for $30 or less. An even greater savings can be realized by those who are willing to buy in bulk and measure their own capsules. Obviously, great care should be used when utilizing this option.

Cognitive Nutrition Final Thoughts

One of the most significant things about Cognitive Nutrition is the fact that they present a very professional attitude. It is rare to find a nutritional supplement maker that doesn't employ overbearing or presumptuous sales tactics. This company presents itself and its products in a very straightforward and businesslike manner, allowing the individual consumer to make his or her choice based on relevant information. You won't find any unsubstantiated claims or wild promises of miracles with Cognitive Nutrition.

That said, there is a slight concern with the fact that the company website is lacking some significant information, including other distributors that it claims are so important. It would seem that a company promoting it's relationships with health food stores, supplement stores, and sports nutrition retailers would take the time to get that information in the hands of its customers.

Why that information is missing is not clearly understood. Perhaps the website is currently incomplete, or perhaps Cognitive Nutrition doesn't have as many distributor relationships as it originally planned for. Regardless, this probably isn't enough to warrant dismissing the company altogether. Use the free supplement finder to locate and compare other products with those offered by Cognitive Nutrition, now! 

Cognitive Nutrition