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Year Founded: 2006


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Colossal Labs First Impressions

If first impressions count for a lot, the first impression this reviewer has of Colossal Labs is not good. Their website is clearly aimed at young men between the ages of 16 and 25 who are heavily influenced by certain sales tactics.

At the top of every page is a rather sizable banner featuring a scantily clad woman in a provocative pose. Furthermore, the banner aggressively promotes a supplement allegedly offering incredible male sexual enhancement. Throughout the site there are other banner ads clearly using visual sexual imagery to sell products.

Furthermore, product descriptions are written to play very heavily into the male ego. Whether a supplement is for bodybuilding, testosterone supplementation, or male sexual enhancement, the vocabulary and phraseology is one that would appeal most often to the macho male. If nothing else, Colossal Labs knows who its primary customer base is and markets to them shamelessly. Product names like an N.O. Monster, TestoFREAK, Vitamonster, and Sex Cycle only further cement these first impressions.

Colossal Labs Product Specifics

N.O. Monster is billed as a "pre-workout igniter" that stimulates nitric oxide in the system thus allowing increased blood flow to the muscles during a workout routine. Increased nitric oxide has long been touted in the bodybuilding industry as a means of quickly building muscle mass and strength, and aiding muscle recovery after exercise.

TestoFREAK is a supplement that allegedly contains active ingredients to help stimulate the production of testosterone. Colossal Labs claims it is effective in achieving increased levels to the point that it can greatly add to muscle mass and increased sexual performance.

Vitamonster is not a nutritional supplement in the same vein as the other three products. Rather, it is simply a concentrated vitamin supplement designed specifically to meet the nutritional needs of men. The supplement contains a list of natural ingredients touted as being able to improve overall good health.

Sex Cycle is a supplement which allegedly helps men recover from loss of libido, size, and stamina that may result from age, the end of a testosterone cycle, or even an extended weight-loss program. Taking the supplement every day, for 30 days, is supposed to restore the average male to peak performance.

Colossal Labs Purchases

It appears it is difficult to locate providers of Colossal Labs products at this time, other than directly from the company website. There are a few out there, but they are not easy to find. That said, the prices are fair in relation to the amount of doses per unit.

Colossal Labs Conclusion

Although it's not necessarily fair to judge a book by its cover, Colossal Labs does not seem to be a supplement maker in the same league as some of its more highly polished competitors. This is not to say that the products are ineffective, but rather that their sales and promotional material is not all that convincing. It's quite likely that most men above the age of 30 would bypass this company in favor of one with a more solid reputation and mature presentation.

For the demographic Colossal Labs is trying to reach, this company may be the perfect fit. They offer products targeted at a specific group of men who may find these products to be very helpful. As always, simply use good judgment when using supplements from Colossal Labs. Use the free supplement finder to locate and compare Colossal Labs products now! 

Colossal Labs