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Competitive Edge Labs and Cycle Assist

Cycle Assist is a supplement from Competitive Edge Labs that is intended to help your body restore its hormone levels after you do a cycle therapy. Whether you induce a cycle therapy yourself through the use of certain hormonal supplements or your body goes into an abnormal hormonal balance, post cycle therapy supplements can help your body through the recovery phase.

When you feed your body supplements, your body will automatically decrease its own production of whatever you are giving it in order to avoid a hormonal overload. Once you stop taking that supplement then your body initially will not be able to produce the correct amount that you need.

Your body is very efficient and will eventually begin to produce the necessary amount of hormones so that everything is in balance. However, while you are waiting for that in-between time you can take PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) supplements to help regulate your hormone levels.

Most PCT supplements such as Competitive Edge Labs’ Cycle Assist can be used for approximately four weeks. After one month your body should be manufacturing the right hormones on its own, eliminating the need for further post cycle therapy supplements.

PCT Assist from Competitive Edge Labs

While Cycle Assist helps promote the regulation of your body’s natural hormone levels, PCT Assist works specifically with testosterone. You can also use PCT to boost your testosterone levels.

There are different reasons you may need or want to take testosterone supplements. If your testosterone is too low or if your estrogen level is too high, PCT Assist from Competitive Edge Labs may be able to help you regulate your hormone levels.

Since PCT Assist can help regulate your hormone levels, then it may also be a good choice as a PCT supplement. In Post Cycle Therapy, your body goes through a bout of low and unbalanced hormones. Taking PCT supplements during the one month period post ending your cycle therapy, your body should resume its normal function.

However, it is important to note that PCT Assist is not meant as a standalone PCT. It is meant to be used in conjunction with a complete PCT. PCT Assist is only for testosterone levels and not for other hormonal balancing. PCT Assist may be able to be taken along with Cycle Assist.

Competitive Edge Labs Guarantee

Competitive Edge Labs has a lengthy privacy policy, but the same does not extend to their return policy. There is also no guarantee of any kind with Competitive Edge Labs.

This supplement company will only accept unopened products for exchange. Refunds will not be given so the exchange has to be for a product of the same value or for a lesser value. If you open a product then you cannot exchange it or return it for a refund.

International orders will be fulfilled by Competitive Edge Labs, but they do not accept any responsibility for any orders of supplements that are seized by customs. Therefore, if the Cycle Assist or PCT Assist supplements you buy are seized then you will not receive credit for that merchandise.

You cannot buy Competitive Edge Labs supplements in every retailer in every state, although there are a few. For example, Total Fitness and Island Supplements in Galveston, Texas both carry Competitive Edge Labs supplements. Other states do not have any retailers in the area, although you can request one.

Competitive Edge Labs supplements are legitimate supplements and can therefore be ordered and shipped domestically without problems of legality. The cost of shipping and the cost of tax will vary by state.

Choosing to cycle your hormones may be beneficial, although it should first be discussed with your doctor. Causing your body to stop producing its own hormones it not a great idea, but if it is handled correctly through PCT supplements then it may be okay. Competitive Edge Labs has two post cycle therapy supplements that may help with your fitness and medical needs. Locate and compare these with other products by using the free supplement finder now! 

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