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Culver Concepts Indirect Product Line

As most of the online information on Culver Concepts acknowledges, this company has worked in the industry over 20 years. Some people may be familiar with Alberto Culver products from the 1970 and since. There are products such as:

  • St. Ives 
  • Alberto VO5
  • Alberto Culver Nexxus 
  • TRESemme 
  • ApHogee

There are many more Alberto Culver exclusive products as well. These hair and beauty aids have been available for many years. This company also collaborates with Pantresse for manufacturing rights to several of these products. Culver Concepts supplements are also marketed on sites connected with Culver products.

Culver Concepts Direct Product Line

One thing that differentiates Culver Concepts products from other supplements is its distinct boxed packaging. Most supplements are packaged in bottles or jars. Their distinctive products include:

  • Orafinadrol-50 is a unique Culver Concepts formula with 50 milligrams of Estra-4, and 9-diene-3, and17-dione. This compound is intended for those who want results preferably as early as tomorrow. Since this is humanly impossible, this company claims Orafinadrol-50 will get you to your desired increase in muscle mass and size in the least amount of time possible. Take one to two tablets daily for approximately six weeks before taking a break.
  • M-Sten-10 replaces Orafinadrol-50 with the same results according to manufacturers. Recommended dosage is one tablet per day for 30 days. Take a break between cycles.
  • Cholorodrol-50 is another formula that does not convert to estrogen properties with the feminine side effects of water retention. Makers rave that you can bulk up with mass muscles in very little time. The suggested dosage is one tablet per day before a workout for up to 30 days. A three-month break is necessary before beginning another cycle. 
  • Aromadrol is a supplement suitable for the novice extreme sports performer. It is considered the post workout aid. It also helps new bodybuilders and extreme athletes maintain the lean muscle mass they have built since beginning the program. This product works alone or stacked with other supplements. Take one to two tablets with food for four weeks before taking a break.
  • Methoxydiene is mostly used as a stack to gain lean muscles and extreme strength. This product also is said to increase libido. It can be stacked with pro-anabolic supplements because it is not methylated. One tablet is suggested daily for four weeks. Sales sites encourage buyers to buy liver protector. The toxicity potential of prohormones warrants this precaution.

Culver Concepts Reviews

Some say Cholorodrol-50 results are noticeable within 3 days or so. This line of products is not intended for anyone under the age of 21. This company has been identified as the “medical leader” in the athletic community. Their products are a new phenomenon in this arena. The only thing users have to be mindful of is these “prohormones” can alter your hormonal balance and eventually cause real problems.

The makers and supplement website have taken responsibility to include this disclaimer and warn against taking for longer than 30 to 45 days at a time. A reviewer warns other online posters by suggesting they take something to protect the liver since Culver Concepts products are so potent.

Many of Culver Concepts users are comparing Cholorodrol-50 to Clostebol, and asking if it is methylated. They also compare the product to Halodrol.

There are not many reviews, although there are at least a couple of reviews on each product. There were not many side effects with the Culver Concepts line. The exception was of one user who stated his blood pressure became elevated after beginning the cycle. He expected this elevation.

There were not too many negative reviews. One reviewer saw the products as “bunk”. They were skeptical all along since he was suffering from the flu according to his post. You would be well advised to take prohormones only under the supervision of a physician or nutritionist. Use the supplement finder to locate and compare Culver Concepts and other products now!

Culver Concepts