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Cytodyne Products

Cytodyne synthesizes proteins and inhibits muscle breakdown according to descriptions. It is supposed to decrease cortisol levels while increasing metabolism. This product recommends six capsules per day. Three is recommended 45 minutes before a workout and another three, 45 after your workout.

  • Cytopro is a protein powder with 100% whey protein that renders results similar to Cytodyne. It works as a protein synthesis product that helps to build muscle and aids in the recovery process after a workout. It also works as a nitrogen reserve as well. One scoop with eight ounces of milk or water up to three times per day is enough to satisfy protein cravings with this product.
  • Cyclo Z-Mass is a complex mineral formula designed to enhance muscles building and testosterone boosting effects. Dosage suggestion is two to three tablets 30 minutes to an hour before bed on an empty stomach.
  • Taraxatone is a diuretic intended to relieve the user of excess fluid to reveal muscles. Take three capsules in the morning and afternoon with meals and plenty of water.
  • Z-Mass Pm is intended to increase testosterone levels, and give you the muscle definition you are looking for. It supposedly prepares weight lifters for explosions or spurts of energy needed for jerks and other techniques. Makers recommend you take this product 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime on an empty stomach. It should not be taken with calcium.
  • Methoxy Pro is a protein powder that was designed to increase muscle growth. Two scoops in six to eight ounces of skim milk or water is recommended for this product, and you can make this shake two to three times per day.
  • Xenadrine 40+ is the new formula that replaces the formula containing ephedrine or ephedra. Makers claim it is meant to accelerate metabolism in people over 40. Dosage is two tablets in the morning and two tablets in the afternoon. The NRG version is the extended-release formula.

Cytodyne Reviews

Many people who used the product claim it did not fulfill their expectations. A couple of them even preferred the Xenadrine with ephedra as opposed to what is available today. A couple people complained of upset stomach and a wired feeling of jitters. 

Some people thought that Taraxatone was supposed to help them burn fat; therefore, they were disappointed with the results. This product has a long list of drug interactions.

Most Z-Mass users were satisfied with this product except for one reviewer who claimed it caused water retention. He also said it caused a mass that he already had to grow larger. (Although, it doesn't seem that he could know this for certain.) Another reviewer had a hard time waking up in the morning while using this product.

Cytodyne Technologies and Legal Matters

Cytodyne was held accountable in New Jersey court in July of 2003 in the case of Kiley Bechler vs. Cytodyne. Mrs. Bechler lost her 23-year-old husband Steven to sudden death that was associated with the ephedrine. Investigators found an unequal amount of ma haung or ephedrine in each tablet instead of a standard amount. Cytodyne was accused of six counts of wrongful death.

The Federal Trade Commission or FTC filed a complaint against Cytodyne, LLC in connection with Evergood Products Corporation in 2005 for false and misleading advertisement and marketing. Apparently, Cytodyne paid participants $1,000 to $20,000 to claim they lost a tremendous amount of weight by using Cytodyne products.

These people in fact went through a vigorous weight loss program. The FTC ordered the company to retract all advertisements and promotions that made the claims of quick weight loss without effort, and fat burning abilities. They also fined the company $100,000.

Cytodyne followed up with a statement correcting the record with regard to the FTC fine. They stated that it was Cytodyne Technologies of New Jersey that was fined for Xenadrine EFX that predated 2003. This company, Cytodyne, LLC began sales of Xenadrine after 2003 in compliance with FTC marketing standards. The product that replaces Xenadrine EFX is Xenadrine 40, which the company states is ephedra free.

Clearly, the companies past discretions are concerning. You are well advised to discuss the use of this product with your doctor before using. Compare Cytodyne products and other, perhaps more trustworthy company products, by using the free supplement finder now!