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Year Founded: 1996


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Cytogenix Laboratories Products

Cytogenix Laboratories has developed several products geared toward weight loss and muscle growth and marketed toward those who lead an active life style that includes weight lifting and athletic performance. Several of its most popular product lines are listed below.

  • Xenadrine EFX – An ephedra-free weight loss supplement that uses thermogenic fat burning technology to speed metabolism.
  • Xenadrine Ultra – A weight loss supplement geared more for body builders that also increases energy and comes in several varieties including pill form, ready-to-drink packets, and a caffeine free formula.
  • Xenadrine Extreme for Women – A version of the original Xenadrine with ingredients geared specifically for the needs of a woman’s body.
  • Xenadrine 40 Plus – A version of Xenadrine geared for athletes age 40 and over who are trying to lose weight and build muscle.
  • Xenadrine Cleanse Plus –  A ready to drink cleansing beverage which helps to relieve bloating and improve how you feel. Take it while following a specialized seven day meal plan that comes with it.
  • Xenadrine Ripped – A weight loss formula that increases energy more than the original formula to increase metabolism and help you burn fat while building lean muscle mass.
  • Xenadrine Carbo-Curb – helps curb cravings for carbohydrates to assist those following a low carb diet to lose weight
  • Cytocell – This post-workout muscle growth and recovery formula contains creatine and anabolic muscle cell amplifier for rapid super cell regeneration.
  • Taraxatone – quickly gives extreme muscle definition by eliminating excess water from just beneath the skin

Cytogenix Laboratories Product Reviews

Reviews for Taraxatone were mostly positive and stated that it did what it was intended to do which is removing excess water in order to increase muscle definition. Many competitive body builders reported using the product shortly prior to competition to gain a little extra definition prior to competing.

Cytocell and Xenadrine products received more mixed reviews.  Many weight lifters stated that they did not notice any significant difference in muscle size when taking Cytocell. Some stated that it was beneficial in helping muscles recover from intense workouts, while others did not find any positive outcomes of using this supplement. 

Many Xenadrine reviews read in a similar way. While some people noticed minimal weight loss and others were pleased with the increase in energy they felt, significant weight loss effects were only reported in a few consumer reviews.

Cytogenix Laboratories Company Reviews

One potential concern regarding Cytogenix Laboratories is the fact that it currently does not have a website that is operational although several independent websites state that it used to have a website containing information on products including ingredient lists, but is lacking company information.  

Another issue that was raised in more than one review is the possible attempt by the company to make people think it is related to another company by the name of CytoGenix, Inc., that does important medical and genetics research.

Some reviews also raised concerns over the fact that products made by Cytogenix Laboratories are not regulated by the FDA and come with many consumer warnings about their safety. Of course, given Cytodyne's issues in the past, anyone would be wise to use caution when delaing with this company.

Some of the other warnings include:

  • You should not take this product if you have ever experienced a heart attack.
  • You should not take this product if you have ever had any breathing issues such as asthma.
  • You should not take this product if you are pregnant or nursing.
  • Products containing caffeine may cause rapid heart rate, jitters, and insomnia.
  • Products are not safe for continuous use.

The company counters this by stating on several websites that their products are completely safe and warnings are simple precautions regarding very rare potential side effects.

If you want to learn more about the products manufactured and marketed by Cytogenix Laboratories simply follow this link to our free supplement finder tool. Use it now to compare many products. 

Cytogenix Laboratories