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Cytosport Products

Cytosport has developed products geared towards body builders and other athletes who wish to gain lean muscle mass and definition. Its products, of which most are in beverage form, are broken into five categories.

  • Muscle Milk is the first category of products based on Cytosport’s most popular product called Muscle Milk. This protein drink powder is low in carbohydrates, contains at least 20 vitamins and minerals, and is lactose-free despite the name. Other Cytosport products in this category include Muscle Milk Natural Powder, Muscle Milk Ready to Drink formula, Muscle Milk Light, Muscle Milk Bars, and Muscle Milk n’ Oats breakfast.
  • Monster Milk is the second category with products based on Cytosport’s Monster Milk extreme protein powder which is an easily digestible, sustained release formula that is supposed to build extra large muscles. Additional products in this category include Monster Maize, Monster Pump, Monster Milk Ready to Drink formula, Monster Mass, and Monster Amino
  • Cytomax is a performance drink meant to increase energy and boost stamina. Products based on this include Cytomax Natural, Ready to Drink Cytomax, and Ready to Drink Cytomax Protein
  • The following group is a line of specialized products geared for specific needs that may arise for body builders. These include CytoGainer Complete Whey, Evopro, Joint Matrix, CytoCarb, Fast Twitch, Ready to Drink Fast Twitch, Whey Isolate, Monster Food, and Complete Casein.
  • The final category of products are based on other popular Cytosport products but designed to meet the needs of collegiate athletes as outlined in the NCAA bi-laws. Included in this product line are Muscle Milk Collegiate, Muscle Milk Ready to Drink Collegiate, Muscle Milk Bars Collegiate, and Cytomax Collegiate.

Cytosport Product Reviews

Muscle Milk is Cytosport’s most well-known and used supplement. Despite its popularity, Muscle Milk and similar products in the line, received only mixed reviews. Some people claim it does what it claims and increases energy and muscle mass while decreasing fat. Others make negative claims including its being ineffective, having a bad taste, or causing adverse side effects including stomach upset, sleeplessness, and gas pains.

Monster Milk and similar products received mostly very positive reviews.  Consumers claim it is the best tasting protein drink they have tried, builds significant muscle mass, and mixes easily.

The only cons for this product included a moderately high price tag and slightly high calorie content. One reviewer stated that it caused stomach upset to the point where he had to discontinue using it.

Cytomax received mostly positive ratings with a few negative reviews mixed in. Several people stated that this product increased energy dramatically which lead to improved athletic performance and endurance. Other pros included several flavors that taste great and no side effects on the stomach. A few cons mentioned included flavors that some people did not like and a hefty cost.

Cytosport Company Reviews

On the positive side reviewers pointed to the message stated clearly on the company’s website regarding the fact that it does not condone the use of steroids, prohormone supplements, or any performance enhancing drugs in sports. It claims that all of its products are made in compliance with the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.  It also manufacturers a special line of products for college level athletes to insure they can use versions of the supplements without getting into trouble with the NCAA.

On the negative side, a 2010 Consumer Reports investigation found that Muscle Milk products contained levels of several heavy metals near or exceeding proposed recommended levels. Several Muscle Milk products were found to contain high levels of cadmium, arsenic, and lead. In fact, these drinks contain the highest levels of these materials in all health beverages.

Additionally of note, is the fact that while the company claims its products are designed based on research, no scientific research information or clinical trials could be found on the company’s website or anywhere online. Would you like to learn more and determine which Cytosport products are right for you and your exercise goals? Compare them, and others, with our supplement finder tool now!