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Year Founded: 1979


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D & E Pharmaceuticals and Medical Conditions

If suffering from a medical condition, D & E Pharmaceuticals has a variety of products that can help you live a higher quality of life. For cardiovascular issues, VitaSpecifix or Cholesterol Balance can help improve function. For general pain relief, No Pane and Actofin can help.

For women dealing with menopause, Profemin can decrease the symptoms. If suffering from a bladder that is overactive or to increase its health and function, Natural Bladder Care Solutions is available for both women and men. If you have trouble sleeping, Rest Assured is effective and safe to help improve sleep.

D & E Pharmaceuticals and Improved Fitness

D & E Pharmaceuticals offers a wide variety of fitness and exercise related concerns. To burn fat and lose weight, there is Rock Hard Weight Loss and Energy, Ripped Fast Fat Burner, Maxadrine EFM, FasTrack Hoodia with Green Tea, and Weight Away Advanced Weight Loss.

For body builders or those looking to add muscle, check out Amino 2500 Muscle Builder, Workout Booster with Kre- Alkalyn & NO Formula,Creatine Monohydrate, Fire Power Advanced Muscle Builder, and StereoMax Power Pak with Nutra FX.

D & E Pharmaceuticals and General Health

D & E Pharmaceuticals has a variety of products and supplements to help with general issues. They offer multivitamins such as VitaZooms Completes Chewable Vitamins and Daily Support for both women and men. There are supplements to increase energy like Nature’s Ultra Boost, Yellow Subs, Bolt Energy Shot, and Orange Rush.

For enhanced sexual health, try Testora or Stim- U- Sens. For fresh breath there is Zyconol, and to decrease body odor they offer Body Odor Blocker and Hunter’s Advantage. If you like to tan and be bronzed, D & E also has Tan Faster, available for both women and men.

D & E Pharmaceuticals also offers super food supplements, herbs, and supplementsfor cleansing the liver and colon.

D & E Pharmaceuticals Product Side Effects

As with any supplement, speak with your health care provider if you are unsure whether you should take a particular D & E product, especially if you have a health condition such as heart problems, diabetes, thyroid issues, or high blood pressure. Women who are breast feeding or pregnant should consult their physician before taking anything.

Many of the products sold by D & E Pharmaceuticals contain stimulants. Side effects from this can include increased blood pressure, insomnia, increased heart rate, and jitters. Take these with caution if you have reactions to caffeine.

Individuals who are taking prescription medicine for erectile dysfunction, such as Viagra, should not take the D & E supplements for sexual function.

A wide variety of products can be found on D & E Pharmaceutical’s website. For each product, there is an explanation of what its benefits are, the ingredients it contains, the nutritional label and information, and price. Some products contain reviews and additional information.

D & E’s website does not provide scientific information as to how a supplement or product works and achieves its results. There is also not much information about the company itself.

Products from D & E Pharmaceuticals are available at nutrition and supplementstores around the country; they also sell their products online. A money back guarantee is available for products purchased within 30 days. Check out D & E Pharmaceuticals if you are looking to get a boost in general health, exercise and fitness , weight loss, energy enhancement, sexual function, or to help with a specific medical condition.  To compare D & E Pharmaceuticals with other products on the market, go to the free supplement finder now!  

D & E Pharmaceuticals