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HST And The Principles Behind The Company

Although there is much more involved, HST is ultimately based on the following four principles:

  • Mechanical Load: this is the amount of resistance muscles come up against that is necessary for hypertrophy. This weight works on the cellular level to help muscle growth.
  • Acute vs. Chronic Stimuli: although muscles need to recover after working out, the recovery and growth time is not as long as it’s generally thought to be. Bodybuilders take a week off between cycles to allow their bodies to rest, but growth stops after two days and the cells lay dormant for the next five. It’s better to rest for two days and then go back to your workout.
  • Progressive Load: muscles tend to adapt and become resistant to the strain you put on them. This can happen in as little as 48 hours and when it does, hypertrophy stops.
  • Strategic Deconditioning: you should constantly modify your routine. Increase your load slowly, until you reach your limit.

HST Program Methods

HST has developed some unconventional suggestions based on research in hypertrophy.

  • Do a few more reps than normal to produce more lactic acid. Since lactic acid helps repair muscle damage, this is a preventative measure against possible injury.
  • Use compound exercises to increase how loading helps muscle growth.
  • Change the number of reps you do every one to two weeks. This will help your muscle deal with the load constantly increasing and prevent them from becoming resistant to it.
  • Limit the number of sets you do for each exercise to one or two per week. Studies show that the first few sets of a weekly exercise have the most effect, and the following sets just burn calories. Burning calories is fine, but you could be doing other exercises to promote muscle growth instead.

HST Eccentric Workouts

HST also recommends using eccentric workouts to increase the time it takes for your muscles to adapt to the progressive load. An eccentric workout is one in which you let down a weight that is too heavy for you to lift.

Eccentric workouts are easiest to perform with a partner who is stronger than you. Have your partner lift the weight and then you can lower it down.

It’s possible to do eccentric workouts yourself though. For example, find a dumbbell that’s too heavy to lift with one hand, use both hands to lift it and one to lower it.

Be careful not to hurt yourself when doing eccentric workouts.

HST Makes HSN Products to Help With Your HST Workout

The amount of protein you ingest and ingesting it at the proper time has a great effect on your workout. If you have a protein drink before working out, it increases the amino acids in your bloodstream.

  • Amino acids play a large part in protein synthesis, the process of muscles repairing themselves and becoming stronger after a workout.
  • HST’s HSN Anabolic Primer supplement enters your system quickly and increases the number of amino acids in your bloodstream.
  • Ingesting protein immediately after your workout is important too. Muscles need a constant stream of amino acids in order to grow, and their growth is most active within the first few hours after a workout.
  • During the first two hours after a workout, your muscles take in the most nutrients. Despite this window, it is best to have some protein immediately after a workout.

HST makes HSN Anabolic Driver to supply your body with the protein and amino acids it needs to build muscle when you complete a workout and sustain that protein until your next meal. HSN Anabolic Driver should be taken right after you finish your workout.

Using the HSN Anabolic Primer and HSN Anabolic Driver with the HST workout method can help you build muscle quickly. To compare these HST supplements with others that are currently on the market, use the supplement finder now!