Year Founded: 1991


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MET-Rx Athletes

When it comes to sports nutrition there is no better endorsement of supplement products that the athletes who use them successfully. MET-Rx claims endorsements from no fewer than six bodybuilding athletes including Nicole Wilkins, Marcus Haley, and Brian Yerski. All athletes are listed on the company website along with a link that will take you to each one's personal profile.

Included in each profile is a workout routine, a sample meal plan, and a brief history of the athlete's success. Most impressive though, is a left sidebar which lists the athletic accomplishments of each one. Nicole Wilkins for example, has competed in bodybuilding competitions dating back 2003, with plenty of first, second, and third place finishes. Providing the competition history of athletes certainly enhances some of the claims put forth by MET-Rx.

MET-Rx Products

The company's product list is rather extensive, but it can be broken down into five different categories:

  • Muscle mass and strength
  • Muscle tone and energy
  • Performance supplements
  • Exercise recovery and repair
  • Apparel and accessories

Their website allows users to search for supplements by individual category, which makes for easy navigation. Visitors can also navigate through a complete list or search by name.

Users who are new to weight training or who simply are not familiar with the sports lingo and terminology will find shopping for MET-Rx products a refreshing change from what is normally presented in the industry. Product descriptions are written in everyday English, with easy to understand terminology. Though descriptions are far from thorough as compared to some other manufacturer's websites, they contain just enough information to answer the important questions.

MET-Rx Shopping

The first place most people new to MET-Rx will go to purchase products is at the company's website. For each product description page, website designers have included a button which allows users to select that product for addition to their online shopping cart. The shopping cart is just what one would normally expect in an online shopping experience; it's pretty straightforward and easy to use. As an added bonus, for orders of $50 or more placed on the site MET-Rx offers free shipping.

Beyond the company's online store, their products are also available through other Internet distributors and a handful of brick-and-mortar retailers like GNC and the Vitamin Shoppe. Consumers who prefer to find a local store in their area can use the site's store locator tool by simply entering their zip code. The search tool will return results within 5, 10, or 25 miles of the entered zip code.

As far as pricing is concerned MET-Rx is somewhat expensive for a handful of supplements, but fairly reasonable for most of them. For example, their pure creatine powder sells for $18.49 directly from their website. This price is for a 400g tub which contains 80 servings; at one serving per day it will last nearly a month and a half! Compared to other similar powders than can cost as much as twice that amount, this is a very good price.

MET-Rx Marketing

Like most bodybuilding and sports nutrition companies, MET-Rx uses its website as its main source of marketing. But the company also is a regular sponsor of various bodybuilding competitions around the country. They also utilize social media with a presence on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Through the social networking sites the company is able to remain in contact with fans and customers in a more personal manner.

As for the MET-Rx website itself, it contains a fair amount of information presented in a way that is not obnoxious or overly aggressive. Website designers seem to have found the right balance by incorporating easy-to-read text, attractive graphics, and subtle, but effective flash animations.

The site presents a very classy and professional attitude which just adds to the company's a fine reputation. As an added bonus, users will find training videos and meal plans available free of charge.

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