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MHP Accomplishments

MHP’s company goal has been to develop top science based, research supported sports supplements to help all level of athletes reach their optimum physical potential. Over the years, MHP has been on the cutting-edge and innovative forefront of sports nutrition. Below are some of the company’s accomplishments:

  • 1999 - Introduced arginine for nitric oxide production in their ADNO product
  • 2004 - 12-hour sustained protein formula Probolic-SR
  • 2008 - Introduced Dark Rage – EPO
  • Today - New, highly advanced GlycoCarn/KNO3 Nitrite-No technology is available in NO-BOMB

MHP Athletes

Below is a list of elite athletes who are on the MHP’s website:

Body Builders:

  • Victor Martinez
  • Jonathan Johnson
  • Chad Martin
  • Mike Kefalanios
  • Tricky Jackson
  • Rafael Norat
  • Erick Seng
  • Wendall Floyd
  • Craig Richardson
  • Lance Johnson
  • Matt Lowden


  • Angela Mraz
  • Kim Sheppard
  • Nadine Dumas
  • Lisa Jackson

Power Lifters:

  • Joe Mazza
  • Arden Cogar Jr.
  • Jeremy Hoornstra
  • Brian Schwab
  • Brian Siders
  • Rob Luyando
  • James Golba
  • Shawn Frankl
  • Al Davis
  • Vladislav Alhazov
  • Michael Cartinian


  • Zydrunas Savickas
  • Phil Pfsiter
  • Brian Shaw
  • Jon Anderson

MHP Product Line

The MHP product line is fast and covers nearly every type of supplement. With over 25 products to choose from, the company seems to have something for the serious fitness athletes and body builders alike.

The company has six different protein products, six fat burning products, seven NO and Creatine products, three testosterone and GH products, three different types of amino acids, a multivitamin, and a joint repair supplement.

MHP is showing up late to the supplement party, but is definitely making room at the table for itself. The products that MHP produces are of high quality, but are sometimes passed over due to the larger companies like Muscletech and BSN.

But bigger in this case is not always better, because many of MHP supplements are on par if not better than the bigger players in the market.

MHP Preferred Products

Here is a list of the products that have gotten good reviews from many professional and respected consumer associations:

  • Probolic-SR
  • Xpel – a wonderful water-loss product
  • Trac
  • T-Bomb II
  • Up You Mass!
  • Dark Matter – great results, but terrible taste

MHP Marketing

Victor Martinez, runner-up at the 2007 Mr. Olympia competition, is the company’s lead spokesperson. This gives incredible validity to MHP’s products.

While the transparent blue containers MHP uses are frighteningly mirroring those of their competitors, BSN, they are undoubtedly providing a positive visceral reaction to the consumer and allows for the products to remain in the public’s consciousness.

Moreover, although it would appear primarily that MHP is marketing itself more towards the serious bodybuilder and athlete market, the company has created a solid multivitamin called Active Sport.  MHP also manufactures glutamine and digestive enzyme products that are definitely suitable and marketed towards more of the everyday individual.

MHP Final Thoughts

With great enthusiasm it’s wonderful to relay to the consumer that MHP is one of the good guys in the supplement world today. MHP has amazing research driven quality supplements, superb formulas and an almost innate understanding of what top level bodybuilders and athletes need to be successful in their respected arenas.

MHP is separating itself ahead of many companies in this market. Whether your goals are endurance, strength building, or simple recovery, MHP has the products for those in the bodybuilding world.

While the majority of products usually aren’t for the everyday consumer, MHP nonetheless is quite right for this pivotal niche market of serious athletes. Thinking about becoming the next bodybuilding phenomenon? 

Compare MHP products to similar ones that are currently on the market. Use the supplement finder now!