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MuscleTech Website

The MuscleTech website is typical of websites designed by well-known supplement companies. The theme is essentially black and white with various photos of men that are working out, showing off their muscles and so on.

The site itself is easy to navigate with clear links to their products, news, supporting athletes and more. In addition, despite the fact that the site uses many graphics and videos, it runs very quickly, making it easy to use.

While there is no verbiage on the site suggesting that it is designed for men, both the website and the product packaging and descriptions suggest that this is a place for men, rather than women.

If you are a woman looking for weightlifting supplements, you may want to find a company that specializes in formulations for women.

MuscleTech Supplement Products

MuscleTech supplements are separated into eight categories. These categories include:

  • Protein
  • Creatine
  • Amino Acids
  • Weight-Loss
  • Thermogenics
  • Pre-Workout
  • Intra/Post-Workout
  • Meal Replacements

MuscleTech Protein Products

There are four products in the Protein category at MuscleTech. These products include:

  • Nitro-Tech Hardcore Pro Series
  • Nitro-Tech Hardcore Bars
  • Nitro-Tech NOP-47
  • Nitro Isolate 65 Pro Series

Nitro-Tech Hardcore Pro Series is a whey protein powder that is available in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate caramel, cookies & cream, strawberry banana, banana cream.

MuscleTech claims that their protein powder helps you to gain weight better than other protein and that you will be able to lift more weights while using this product as well.

Nitro-Tech Hardcore Protein Bar is a way for you to get 30 grams of protein while on the go. According to MuscleTech it will help you build muscle and it tastes good as well. It is available in seven different flavors.

Nitro-Tech NOP-47 is a pre workout protein powder that is available in chocolate and fruit punch flavors. The difference between this an their regular protein shake series is that in addition to whey protein isolate, this also contains NOP-47, which is a whey protein hydrolysate.

The Nitro Isolate 65 Pro Series is yet another protein powder offered by MuscleTech. This product is supposed to have 65 grams of protein in each serving. They also claim that it is ultra-pure whey protein isolate.

MuscleTech Creatine

The four creatine products available from MuscleTech are:

  • Cell-Tech Hardcore Pro Series
  • Cell-Tech Powder Pack
  • CREAKIC Hardcore
  • Aplodan

According to MuscleTech, the Cell-Tech Hardcore Pro Series will help you to build muscle faster than any other creatine product on the market. They claim that is uses ultra-pure creatine rather than the standard creatine used by other manufacturers.

This product is supposed to increase muscle mass and increase strength.

Cell-Tech Powder Pack offers the same benefits as Cell-Tech Hardcore, however it is not a powder, it is a “super concentrated” package of pills. There are 30 power packs in each box.

CREAKIC Hardcore is a creatine pill with a rapid release formula. This product is supposed to help you build lean muscle faster than if you weren’t taking a creatine product at all.

In addition, MuscleTech claims that this product delivers up to 330% more creatine than any other pills.

MuscleTech calls Aplodan a muscle activator. They claim that this product charges high-growth potential fibers, changes intramuscular biochemistry and enhances muscle.

MuscleTech Amino Acids

In the Amino Acids category, you will find:

  • Alpha Amino Prototype 216
  • LEUKIC Hardcore
  • Nitro AminoFX Pro Series
  • VITAKIC Hardcore

Alpha Amino Prototype 216 comes in capsule form and is supposed to aid in the production of protein and amino acids.

LEUKIC Hardcore contains both L-Leucine and L-Carnitine. It is supposed deliver lecuine to muscles after you work out and help you build lean muscle.

Nitro AminoFX Pro Series is specifically designed for hard training athletes. This product is meant to start protein synthesis in the muscles via branched chain amino acids, which can only be provided via supplementation or food intake.

VITAKIC Hardcore is a multivitamin product that is supposed to help you build muscle.

MuscleTech Weight Loss

The only product in this category is Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series. Hydroxycut is a well known name in the weight loss industry and MuscleTech has actually created a completely independent website just for this product.

Hydroxycut Hardcore is supposed to help you lose fat while gaining muscle. In addition, it is supposed to provide you with energy without the jitters.

MuscleTech Thermogenics

Thermogenics is a combination of a muscle warmer and an energy supplement. This product, by causing the muscle to warm up is supposed to provide energy, focus and intensity.

MuscleTech Pre-Workout

  • Neurocore
  • naNO Vapor Hardcore Pro Series
  • naNoX9 Hardcore Pro Series
  • GAKIC Pro Series
  • HexaTest Hardcore Pro Series
  • MyoShock
  • HydroxyStim

Although these are all different formulations, the intent for each product is the same. These are meant to provide with energy for your workout as well as help you to increase your pumps and strength.

MuscleTech Intra/Post Workout

  • Anabolic Halo Harcore Pro Series
  • Anator-p70
  • IntraVol
  • Cell-Tech Hardcore Pro Series

These products, much like the pre-workout products, offer essentially the same benefits. Faster gains because you achieve quicker recovery after a workout. In addition, many of the products claim to increase strength and pumps during your workout as well.

MuscleTech Meal Replacements

  • Mass-Tech
  • Meso-Tech Complete
  • Meso-Tech Complete Bars

These products are either meant to be used with meals or to replace your meals. They aren’t meant to be weight loss products, instead, these meal replacements are full of protein, eggs, milk, soy and more to help you gain mass while you workout.

MuscleTech Science

MuscleTech gets a pass and a fail in the science department. This is one of the few companies that takes time to discuss studies that have been conducted on their products, many of which were done through third parties.

While this is nice to see, you need to be aware that technically the studies they show aren’t considered scientific. Most are conducted on 30 or less people and the longest study was 6 weeks long. In some cases their product was compared to placebo rather than other supplements.

Regardless, there are a lot of people using these products successfully. While there are no long-term data regarding the safety of using these products, the short-term studies are at least a good place for someone who is looking for bodybuilding supplements to start.

MuscleTech Guarantee

There is something to be said for a company that will guarantee their products and MuscleTech does guarantee many of them. They don’t sell their products directly from the MuscleTech website, however, the products that they guarantee can be returned anywhere they were purchased for a refund.

Just make sure that you read the guarantees for each product as MuscleTech doesn’t offer this for all of them.

To compare MuscleTech products with similar ones that are currently on the market, use the supplement finder now!