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Nutrex Anabol-5

Anabol-5 is used by consumers who want to build muscle. It is a non-steroidal agent that helps to increase the amount of protein that the consumer user is able to synthesize.

This Nutrex product can be used by people who want to bulk up and put on muscle. When a bodybuilder is in a cutting cycle, Anabol-5 can be taken during a cutting cycle so that the user can preserve the quality muscle that has been built up over time.

The main ingredient in Anabol-5 is dicyclopentanone, which is a plant sterol analogue. Ingesting it means the protein content of the muscles in the body increases, which means that overall muscle mass increases.

Nutrex Ignite

Ignite is taken prior to a workout to increase mental focus during the physical activity and to provide a boost of energy. It can also be used by people who are looking for a way to stay alert while working or studying late at night or who want to get an energy boost at any time of the day.

The product is presented as a capsule within a capsule. The outer portion of the capsule works quickly to provide an energy boost.

The second layer of Ignite kicks in after the strength training session is finished to help fuel a cardiovascular workout. It is a no-crash product that will not keep a user up late at night after ingestion.

Nutrex LIPO-6

LIPO-6 is a fat-burning supplement offered in liquid capsules that the body can absorb quickly. It was introduced to the buying public in 2005. Consumers found that it was a reliable product for weight loss.

Both men and women can use LIPO-6. It is meant for fitness enthusiasts who enjoy working out regularly, as well as bodybuilders.

The ingredient list for LIPO-6 includes synephrine, which helps the body burn fat while leaving muscle tissue intact. It also acts as an appetite suppressant, which makes this product a good choice for people who are on a calorie-restricted diet.

Nutrex Mass Xxplosion

Mass Xxplosion can be taken during a workout. The consumer will receive instant results, as well as reap the benefits of using this product for several hours and days afterward.

When a person ingests Mass Xxplosion, the muscles receive a combination of amino acids, creatine and carbohydrates. As a result, the user is able to build muscle and increase strength.

Nutrex Pro-Gram

Pro-Gram provides the consumer with 30 grams of protein per serving. This product is low in carbohydrates and fat, and it’s available in Strawberry Cream, Chocolate Mousse and Vanilla Bean flavors.

Available as a whey protein powder, Pro-Gram contains vitamins and minerals. It is sweetened with sucralose and is supposed to taste great.

Digestive enzymes have been added to the product to facilitate absorption of protein. Pro-Gram has 25 servings in each container.

Nutrex Vitrix

Vitrix is a supplement specifically for men that is used to increase their libido. It has been on the market for seven years and is available in a fast-acting liquid capsule.

Vitrix contains German Tribulus Terrestris, which is supposed to boost the user’s sexual performance. This product also contains a proprietary blend of natural ingredients.

Nutrex offers a number of supplements designed to help users build muscle and shed unwanted fat. The company was the first one to offer liquid-filled capsules to its customers.

Some of its products are offered in a multi-phase capsule that provides an initial burst of the supplement that starts to work right away and a longer-lasting benefit.

People interested in using these products should read the label carefully and use them only as directed. Even products containing natural ingredients can interact with medications and other herbal remedies.

A person who is already on medication or using supplements should discuss using Nutrex products with his or her doctor.  To compare Nutrex products to similar ones that are currently available, use the supplement finder now!