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Vyo-Tech and Viraloid Super Anabolic

Vyo-Tech’s most popular product is the Viraloid Super Anabolic. This is a supplement formula that naturally boosts the body’s testosterone levels.

Viraloid Super Anabolic uses all natural plant extracts to increase testosterone levels and protein synthesis. Taking this product can mean a ripped body at a much faster pace, and with no reported side effects.

Many testosterone boosters on the market do come with a warning of negative effects, usually aggression problems. However, Vyo-Tech states that there are no side effects reported with Viraloid Super Anabolic.  

Viraloid Super Anabolic is taken twice a day, usually before a person’s workout.

Vyo-Tech and Testosterone Boosters

Anabolic 7 and 17-HD are also testosterone boosters made by Vyo-Tech, which are helping users to make significant gains and feel more pumped.

Vyo-Tech Ab-Solution Plus

Ab-Solution Plus is another frequently discussed Vyo-Tech formula. It is said to help improve the overall appearance of your skin.

This is a major issue when you are trying to look toned, tanned and near perfect. Just ask a Mr. Universe competitor! 

The active ingredients in Ab-Solution Plus are all natural, and yet can tighten and firm the body. This product comes in a light lotion that you simply rub into your skin.  

Ab-Solution Plus is odorless, so no one will know you are wearing it.  Ab-Solution Plus is also colorless, so there are no concerns of staining.

Ab-Solution Plus penetrates deep into the body to help rid the body of fat layers while also shrinking fat cells, which improves appearance. Users who like the product say they can see the effects in as little as just a few days.

You apply the lotion twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, to see results. Few side effects have been reported with Ab-Solution Plus, though individuals who are sensitive to caffeine- a main ingredient- may want to steer clear.

Vyo-Tech and Body Sculpture Lotion

Another popular item made by Vyo-Tech is their Body Sculpture Lotion. This lotion helps improve appearance by getting rid of dimples and cellulite, which are often found on the thighs and in the buttocks.

Body Sculpture Lotion may be used by both sexes in order to get firmer looking buns, thighs, arms and torsos. It too contains natural ingredients, such as organic kukui nut oil and organic lecithin.

Vyo-Tech recommends that Body Sculpture Lotion be rubbed into the skin for 60 seconds twice a day.

Vyo-Tech Nitrobolic Extreme

Nitrobolic Extreme is a creatine supplement that ups your nitric oxide production by staggering amounts. Those big muscles you have been dreaming of can be yours thanks to the building power of creatine.

You take this supplement prior to your workout and watch the magic happen. Nitric oxide will result in an energy boost and in mood enhancement.

Reviews suggest this formula is fast acting, has few side effects, and increases energy and focus. The recommended dosage of Nitrobolic Extreme is one to two scoops of powder a day.

Vyo-Tech Oryx

If you are looking for a quality protein powder, then check out Vyo-Tech’s Oryx. Most protein supplements on the market use cow’s milk-based whey protein.

Oryx, on the hand, uses whey from goat’s milk, claiming it is much better absorbed by the body. Goat’s milk typically has a very sour flavor, but the company has found a way to make this supplement not only tolerable, but also downright tasty.

The product is also lactose-free, which is good for those who can’t stomach the lactose found in most protein supplements. Vyo-Tech claims Oryx has a 94% absorption rate, meaning all beneficial ingredients go straight to your muscles.

Vyo-Tech Promen-X

For the men out there who are missing that extra oomph in the bedroom, give the Promen-X supplement a try. This male enhancement supplement is said to increase blood flow, which means you can stay hard for longer periods of time.

Promen-X also increases sensitivity of the male member. One tablet a day is the recommended dosage.

Vyo-Tech Quality

Vyo-Tech is well-known, but is not necessarily a trustworthy company. The disappearance of the company website is very discouraging.

Nevertheless, Vyo-Tech does offer a wide range of products which continue to be sold through online stores. If you are looking for something to pump you up in the gym or in the bedroom, Vyo-Tech supplements do merit your consideration.

Vyo-Tech Product Purchasing

These products are currently available online, most notably through Bodybuilding.com and through Europa Sports Products. They are also sold in GNC stores across the country.

Although the company does have a Facebook page, their official website, Vyotech.com, no longer exists. To compare Vyo-Tech products with similar ones that are currently available, use the supplement finder now!