Turning a 10-Year Gameplan into a 6-Month Goal

Get the Basics...

  • Take your 10-year life plan and ask, “Why can’t I do this in six months?”
  • Think about how you can narrow your focus to achieve your goals.
  • What part of your 10-year gameplan could you realistically accomplish in the next six months?

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a billionaire? If you want to make that kind of money, you’re going to have to think about things a little differently than most people!

Here’s a challenge from Peter Thiel, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and founder of PayPal that we discussed in a recent team meeting: Take your 10-year life plan and ask, “Why can’t I do this in six months?”

“Look at your goals, how can you 10X them?,” says Benjamin P. Hardy describing this 10x tactic at Inc. “How can you narrow your focus? Or get creative? Or approach things differently to get unconventional results?”

Here are some tips to help you think through this:

  • Plan Big When you plan, you should plan big!
  • Determine What’s Really Needed and Set Appropriate Timelines – According to Parkinson’s Law, work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion. If you have a lot of time, you’ll be inefficient. If you have a little time, you’ll be productive.
  • Assess the Story You’re Telling Yourself vs Reality Does this really need to take a full 10 years?
  • Don’t Wait “I went to college. I went to law school. I worked in law and banking, though not for terribly long. But not until I started PayPal did I fully realize that you don’t have to wait to start something” (source).

Challenging your defaults and assumptions can have a huge impact on your output!

How can you condense a portion of your 10-year business plan into the next six months? What would happen if you approached the next six months with that mindset?

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