Get the Basics...
  • Spice up your push-up routine with these more creative versions.
  • Watch demonstration videos to learn how to perform them.

If you’re tired of basic push-ups and want a little more pizzazz for your workout routine, look no further. We give you five push-ups that reach a more creative level while emphasizing different upper body muscles. Check them out, see which ones work best for you, and add them to your rotation.

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#1 – Decline Push-Up

Not a major deviation from the original, but the decline push-up is still enough of a change to amp up the challenge. Unlike with regular push-ups, you’ll feel this version in your middle and lower back muscles. You’ll also work your triceps, abs, and chest (especially).


#2 – Half-Cobra Push-Up

If you hope to zero in on the triceps, the half-cobra push-up is for you! It’s not a large movement, but with enough reps, you’ll feel the impact. Make sure you don’t lift all the way into a full-cobra pose, and keep your legs planted on the floor. You’ll also strengthen your shoulders, chest, abs, and lower back.


#3 – Clap Push-Up

The clap push-up in an explosive plyometric workout. Its motion is quick and requires strength and stability to keep up with the all clapping and the pushing. Your chest will especially thank you for this exercise, but your abs, lower back, and triceps will dig it, too.


#4 – “Up Up, Down Down” (Elbow Push-Up)

The “up up, down down” flows from a plank position down to your elbows/forearms and back up again — one arm at a time. This fun rhythm may distract you from an intense burn in your chest, shoulders, abs, triceps, and middle back. If it helps, just chant, “up up, down down!” over and over until you tucker out and want to stay down forever.


#5 – Walking Push-Up

The walking push-up is just like it sounds. You push yourself up while “walking” across the floor on your hands and feet. A good bounce will spike your heart rate and primarily strengthen your chest — plus your shoulders, middle back, and triceps. Speaking of bouncing, a poppin’ beat like the one in the video will get you pumped enough to push yourself across the floor. Think of it as a dance. The floor awaits!

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