5 Habits for Being Effective (No Matter Who You Are)

Get the Basics...

  • Practice habits that are proven to increase your effectiveness.
  • Stop trading time for money and start implementing systems so you can focus on first things.
  • “What is needed is the right strategy,” says Drucker, “rather than the razzle-dazzle tactics.”

No one sets out to be ineffective. We all want to get stuff done, and many of us are conscious of the fact that getting stuff done more effectively is better than the opposite.

However, how many of us regularly examine our habits for effectiveness? How many of us take time to develop habits that are proven to develop effectiveness?

As we work down the funnel from not wanting to be ineffective to examine and develop habits the percentage of people probably lowers.

As the owner of a fitness business or brand, you want to maximize your time so you can maximize your return. Doing so will take a lot of hard work, but there are some basic principles you can implement immediately to start moving toward that goal.

Peter Drucker is one of the most renowned experts on management. He’s had an oversized impact on how the best corporations and executives do business effectively today.

Check out the video below for penetrating insights into Drucker’s thought process. If you’re interested in increasing your overall effectiveness, why not talk with our team about proven steps you can take to do so? Schedule a call today!

5 Definitive Habits for Maximum Effectiveness

In The Effective Executive: The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done, Drucker provides five habits for effective executives, but honestly, these habits have much broader application. Anyone who wants to be effective in life should consider how these habits could improve efficiency.

  • Know where your time goes
  • Gear your efforts towards results, not work
  • Build on strengths
  • First things first
  • Make effective decisions

#1 – Know Where Your Time Goes

Drucker says, “Effective executives know where their time goes. They work systematically at managing the little of their time that can be brought under their control.”

Time is a resource and like any resource, it’s limited. You can only spend so much time before it runs out. To maximize your effectiveness you have to know where your time is going.

Make sure you have a clear plan on how you will spend your time, and set regular intervals to reevaluate your time investment. The only constant in life is that things change. You shouldn’t expect that what’s effective to spend your time on today will be effective in one month or one year.

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#2 – Gear Your Efforts Towards Results, Not Work

Don’t get bogged down in the details of your daily tasks. Think hard and honestly about what results you are looking for, and then ask how you can contribute to getting that done.

To be effective means being honest. There may be results you cannot effectively impact. Don’t be afraid to delegate and empower people around you to effectively achieve results where they have strengths.

#3 – Build on Strengths

“Know thyself” is an ancient Greek proverb. It’s timeless, and it’s challenging. Can you be honest about your strengths and weaknesses? Some people want to try to do everything even if someone else on the team may be far more effective.

Drucker explains, “Effective executives build on strengths — their own strengths, the strengths of their superiors, colleagues, and subordinates; and on the strengths in the situation, that on what they can do. They do not build on weaknesses. They do not start out with the things they cannot do.”

Do what you know you can do well. Empower others to do what you know they can do well. Doing so will prevent redundancies and ineffectiveness.

This doesn’t mean never challenging yourself or growing as a person, but it does mean you should be honest in your evaluation of where your strengths lie currently.

#4 – First Things First

To be effective, you must concentrate on a few areas where superior performance will produce outstanding results. Get the first things done first.

Don’t even think about solving the secondary problem until the main problem is resolved. You may find that focusing on the main thing will have a ripple effect on other areas.

Always have clear priorities on what will produce the most outstanding result with your time investment to ensure you are maximizing your effectiveness.

#5 – Make Effective Decisions

You must have a system in place where all opinions are heard before making a decision and a clear path is outlined to achieve the desired result.

“[Effective executives] know that an effective decision is always a judgment based on ‘dissenting opinions’ rather than on ‘consensus on the facts.’ And they know to make many decisions fast means to make the wrong decisions. What is needed are few, but fundamental decisions. What is needed is the right strategy rather than razzle-dazzle tactics.”

Fostering a culture where dissenting opinions are encouraged is a habit unto itself. Don’t become enamored with making decisions if you aren’t making effective decisions.

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