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7 Effective Ways to Stretch and Strengthen Your Groin (Demo Videos)

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UPDATED: Aug 25, 2020

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Get the Basics...
  • Strengthen and stretch your groin with these seven effective exercises.
  • Except for a yoga mat and a foam roller, none of these exercises require equipment.
  • Watch demonstration videos to learn how to perform them correctly.

With all the emphasis out there on “leg days” and pumping iron, it’s easy to forget about your groin muscles. Whether we’re power-walking, running, or focusing on building other muscles, the groin can absorb the stress of physical impact and tighten in response. They can also get tight from sitting around at a desk all day without taking time to stretch.

But that’s where we come in. Check out these beneficial exercises for stretching and strengthening your groin, so it holds less tension in your body. We’ve divided these workouts into two parts, one focusing on dynamic movement to build strength, the other with an emphasis on stretching.

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Groin Workouts

#1 – Squat to External/Internal Rotation

The squat to external/internal rotation has a flow to it, but once you find it, you’ll be good as gold. This exercise combines squatting with moving your legs in and out, one at a time. Move in a slow-to-medium pace. For proper form, watch Dean Somerset’s demonstration:


#2 – Groiners

Aptly named, groiners are a little similar to plank jacks, except you’re not low into a plank position.  Also, you’re bounding forward until your feet land next to your hands. Be careful not to let your butt stick up too much, and use the floor to really push off into your jump. 


#3 – Walking Spiderman With Hip Lift and Overhead Reach

This fun walking spiderman is far from basic, as it involves lifting your hip and extending your arm above you, one side at a time. There are literally a few moving parts to it, but with some practice, you’ll get the hang of it. If it feels like you’re doing an awkward dance, you’re probably doing it right!


Groin Stretches

#1 – Walking Leg Cradle

The walking leg cradle increases hip flexibility and stretches your groin. This moving stretch is all about opposition — lifting one leg up by the ankle and pulling it toward the opposite shoulder. It’s what activates the hips and groin.

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#2 – Half-Kneeling Adductor Dips

Half-kneeling adductor dips are almost like a sideways lunge. To feel a deep enough groin stretch, it’s important to lean into your half-extended leg, as far as you can. If you feel a pain that’s not the “good,” stretching-muscle kind, ease back up and switch legs, or try that side again without dipping as much.


#3 – Bound Angle Pose

The bound angle pose is a yoga stretch that feels amazing for a sore groin, hip flexors, and even lower back. To reach a deep enough stretch, you may need to ease into it, especially if your muscles are super tight. You could also ask someone to gently push you forward.

No matter how far forward you get on your first time in this pose, your groin and other muscles will still feel the stretch, and that’s what’s most important. Give yourself 1-5 minutes in this pose, and take note of any improvement in muscle elasticity. Watch this informative video to learn more about this movement and its benefits:


#4 – Foam Rolling

Foam rolling the groin is important to do after a dynamic workout, especially if it feels like your muscle fibers are in knots. If you have a foam roller at home, you may already know what to do. If not, watch the video to see how to position yourself along the roller. Thankfully, it’s pretty intuitive!

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