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Are vitamin supplements really necessary?

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UPDATED: Aug 25, 2020

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  • Dietary supplements are a good idea for people who are unable to eat a healthy, balanced diet.
  • Different people will have different dietary supplement requirements.
  • Not all supplements are equal, so be sure to read all labels thoroughly.

When a healthy diet is maintained, vitamin supplements are rarely needed. However, most people have busy lifestyles that prevent them from eating right.

Although you cannot live on dietary supplements alone, they can go a long way if you cannot get access to fresh foods.

The elderly, young children, people suffering from illnesses, and pregnant women usually need dietary supplements of some sort.

Children need an increased amount of calcium for proper bone development, while older people may need supplements to manage arthritis.

Athletes need supplements in order for their bodies to repair small muscle tears and to help aid in the development of healthy muscles.

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How Can You Find out If You Need Dietary Supplements?

In most cases, you will know if you need to take dietary supplements by taking a closer look at the types of foods you eat. Too much fast food, not enough whole grains, lean meats, or fruits and vegetables can leave your body depleted of essential vitamins.

Another way to tell if you need dietary supplements is to pay attention to your mood.

If you have been feeling depressed, lethargic, or especially anxious, a change in your diet and/or the addition of dietary supplements could be helpful.

Your doctor will be able to ask questions, take your vital signs, and perform other tests in order to see which dietary supplements are needed.

Furthermore, if you are not recovering properly from being injured or after having surgery performed, dietary supplements can be taken to expedite the process.

Are All Dietary Supplements the Same?

Several different companies can manufacture the same type of dietary supplement, however, the dosage, concentration, and ingredients may not be the same.

For instance, dietary fiber tablets are not as fast-acting as the powdered form.

If you know you need a specific dietary supplement, it is best that you find out about the different versions that are available.

The amount of money you pay for your dietary supplements usually has nothing to do with quality.

Some manufacturers use better quality ingredients while others only specialize in a few different types of supplements.

Although some dietary supplements will have similar names, it is important you read the entire label so you will know exactly what you are getting.

Supplements can be made with naturally grown ingredients or the synthesized version.

When Should You Increase Your Intake of Dietary Supplements?

If you have been taking dietary supplements for a few months but you have not felt an improvement, you might want to consider increasing the dosage.

Remember that dietary supplements can have serious side effects, so it is important you don’t take more than is recommended each day.

If you are under the supervision of your doctor, you may be able to bypass the recommended daily allotment for your dietary supplements.

Instead of increasing your intake of a supplement, you should also think about adding a new supplement to your daily routine.

Some dietary supplements can be enhanced or made more potent when they are combined with a different nutrient.

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Where to Find the Best Dietary Supplements for Your Needs?

It is usually pretty easy to find out what types of dietary supplements will yield the best results. For example, if you are experiencing joint pains, MSM can provide you much-needed relief.

There are different books or websites you can use to identify your problems and then locate an appropriate dietary supplement. Meeting with a nutritionist can also give you the information that you need. Or watching a short video like this:

While you should speak to your doctor about any proposed changes in diet or exercise, you might not be able to get many dietary supplement suggestions.

If you are healthy enough, your physician simply might not see the need for you to start taking a dietary supplement. This is why it might be a better idea for you to speak to a nutritional expert.

Can Dietary Supplements Be Paid for With Insurance Policies?

Only in very rare cases are dietary supplements covered by insurance. Most insurance companies see dietary supplements as unnecessary for stabilizing your medical condition.

However, if you have an insurance policy that covers prescription drug expenses, you might be able to get your dietary supplements paid for.

If you can ask your doctor to write a prescription for your dietary supplement, there is a good chance your insurance provider will pick up the expense.

Read over the details of your insurance policy in order to find out exactly what is covered.

Coupled with a good exercise routine, finding the right dietary supplements might help take your total body health and fitness to the next level.

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