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Danielle Aquino

Contributing Writer | Former D1 Athlete

Danielle Aquino is an Exercise.com Writer who is a current College Volleyball and HS Lacrosse Coach. She is a former D1 athlete with over 20 years of coaching and playing experience. When she’s not coaching, she helps out as a fitness consultant and gym manager at her local gym where she outsources as a lift instructor, lead fitness consultant, and marketing guru.

Danielle loves to write, has over ten years of experience as a freelance sports & recreation writer, and has written for over ten publications. After spending nine years in corporate and private marketing, she enjoys bringing that expertise to any platform she writes for. Danielle has a degree in Political Science with a minor in Economics and is a huge Boston Sports Fan!

Her work has been featured on STACK. Notable articles include: How My Volleyball Team Survived a 15-Hour Tournament Day and Just Kept Winning; Improve Your Athletes’ Health and Mental Focus With Team Yoga Practice; Step It Up: Pre-Season Women’s Lacrosse Conditioning; Killer Volleyball Plyometric Workout.


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