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Do you need a personal trainer to get fit?

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UPDATED: Aug 25, 2020

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When you embark on your fitness journey, an experienced personal trainer is worth every penny. They can create personalized workout routines, help you perfect your form, and be the incentive you need to hit the gym. But even with these reasons, you may still wonder if you need to spend time and money on a personal trainer to get fit.

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If You Want to Lift

Getting started at the gym is the easy part, but when you decide to throw lifting weights into the mix, that’s where it can get tricky. Pumping iron isn’t only lifting dumbbells over your head and putting them back down again.

Improper lifting can lead to serious injuries, so if you’re new to lifting, a personal trainer can explain and demonstrate the different lifting techniques you need to know.

In addition to free weights, there are many kinds of machines in the gym. How do you know what you need to use and which to avoid? A personal trainer can explain the benefits of each and how to incorporate them into your fitness plan.

If You Need a Workout Plan

Even if you know your way around a gym, you need a plan that will produce the results you want. Whether it’s building muscle or slimming down, you need to know which exercises to do and when to do them. A personal trainer can design a fitness plan that helps you make the most out of your time in the gym.

For example, they can create a plan that tells you:

  • Which muscle groups you need to work together
  • How many reps to do of each exercise
  • When to do cardio
  • When to have a rest day

When You Need Motivation

Getting in shape takes a lot of hard work and even more motivation. Having to trek to the gym after working all day is the last thing most people want to do. Unfortunately, if you don’t have enough motivation, you won’t see any results. Trainers know that showing up is one of the most important parts of getting fit, so let them inspire you. They are paid to keep you motivated every step of the way.

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When You Need to Learn

Picture a middle-aged male who works over 50 hours a week. He is swamped at work and has little time left in between family obligations and other duties at home. He is deconditioned and wants to get in shape. Unfortunately, he has no idea which changes he needs to make.

Thankfully, a qualified personal trainer is more than a workout partner. Many of them have nutritional certification as well. Not only are they able to create a personalized exercise routine, but they can also help people like that middle-aged man with meal planning. And since they have a passion for fitness, an experienced trainer can even help him learn how to manage stress more healthily.

A personal trainer can not only tell you what to expect realistically, but they can also show you how to optimize your workout sessions to target different muscle groups. When you combine proper education with motivation, you pave the way toward reaching your health and fitness goals.

When You Need an Objective Eye

As humans, we are usually our biggest critic, so having an unbiased opinion can motivate you to work harder. Personal trainers know how badly clients want to reach their goals, so they provide them with an honest opinion of their progress.

Beating yourself up over not dropping two pounds is just as bad as thinking you’re making enough progress when you aren’t. Getting fit is about balancing cardio, strengthening exercises, and proper nutrition. Seeing yourself through a trainer’s eyes can help you get back on track when you hit a roadblock or feel uninspired.

When You’ve Reached a Plateau

You’ve been doing all of the right things in and out of the gym. You work out regularly and are eating clean, but no matter how hard you try, those last five pounds won’t budge. Enlisting the help of a personal trainer can help you pinpoint the reason why you’ve plateaued. Are you working out to your fullest ability? Are you getting enough sleep? How clean is your diet?

There are a lot of reasons why people hit plateaus in the gym. If you’ve been training consistently for months and have stopped seeing results, you need to change your routine. Even the best workout regimen loses its effectiveness over time. Having a personal trainer create a new workout plan may be enough to jumpstart your metabolism into overdrive.

Keep in mind that not all personal trainers are the same. When it comes to choosing one that is right for you, do your research and have a list of questions ready.

Ask for references, contact them, and take note of what they say. Did the trainer help clients achieve their goals? Was he or she inspiring, or lackluster? It’s your body and money, so choosing the right personal trainer ensures you will enjoy the experience while working toward your fitness goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I know if my personal trainer is certified?

To find out if your personal trainer is certified, check out this article. 

Are there cheap personal trainers?

Yes, you can find a trainer that is reasonably priced.

Can I get fit without a personal trainer?

Of course! Sign up for an PRO plan today for access to an array of workout plans that have been designed by certified personal trainers.

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