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Donovan Ford shows us what a great workout plan looks like!

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UPDATED: Aug 25, 2020

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Have you ever looked at a workout plan and asked yourself why you should pay money for it?

If you have ever found yourself in this situation, one of two things happened: 1. That workout plan was, in fact, garbage, or 2. You underestimated the power of a great workout plan.

We can’t prevent garbage workout plans from being created or sold, but we can prevent you from underestimating the power of a great workout plan.

Since we like to get right to the point around here, we’re going to skip long lists of reasons and, instead, show you exactly what a great workout plan should do for you.

Check out Donovan Ford’s video below:

In the video above, you watched Ford do a 430-lb. jerk triplet behind the neck AND a 540-lb. back squat triplet! That on its own is incredible, but did you notice what Ford credited his skills to? That’s right, a great workout plan.

A well-crafted workout plan should not only challenge you, but it should also lead you to amazing results. You saw what Ford’s workout program did for him, now it’s time to see what one can do for you.

Ready to Find a Great Workout Plan?

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In addition, Catalyst Athletics is the training program that led Donovan Ford to the success that you witnessed in the video above.

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Video credit: Donovan Ford (dford_105)

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