My Greatest Strength Is My Greatest Weakness


Get the Basics...

  • Think deeply about your strengths
  • Know your strength might be your weakness as well
  • Be honest with your self-reflection

In one of our recent team meetings, we discussed the problem with not thinking deeply about our greatest strengths.

Wait a minute… aren’t our strengths supposed to be good?

Well, yes…

But unfortunately, our greatest strengths can quickly turn into our greatest weaknesses. How does that happen?

Strengths vs Weaknesses

Here are some examples in Life and Work:

  • Your significant other might be spontaneous, which is exciting and romantic, but also means that they struggle with planning.
  • You might have an incredible work ethic, leading to excellent performance reviews at work, but also struggling to enjoy time away from work.
  • A coworker or employee might be the best when it comes to attention to detail, but also ends up being a micro-manager when working with others.

It’s important to understand your strengths and try to figure out where they might need to be contained.

When we’re good at something, we tend to focus more on how that skill benefits us and ignore how it hurts us.

Do you have any strengths that might actually be hurting your progress? Who can you ask for open and honest feedback about your strengths and weaknesses?

How can you prevent your strengths from going overboard?

  1. Be proactive and get feedback from others.
  2. Be honest with your self-reflection.
  3. Be intentional with your thoughts, words, and actions.

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