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How can you burn fat while weight training?

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UPDATED: Aug 25, 2020

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  • Weight training will always burn fat; the amount of fat will vary, however
  • Combining cardio with weight training will often help you burn fat faster
  • Creating a workout and diet diary is a great way to keep track of how much fat you burn

There isn’t anything special that you need to do to make this happen, it will simply happen because you are using your muscles, which burn the fat in order to produce the energy that it needs to develop.

If you want to maximize your workout to burn more fat, then you need to combine weight training with cardio exercise.

There are people from both the weight training camp and the cardio workout camp that will suggest that you shouldn’t do both. However, more and more experts recommend combining these programs for a faster fat burn and for better health.

Even if you choose not to include cardio into your workout plan, you are going to see the benefits of weight training. You will experience increased vitality, lose body fat, and feel better as well. For access to a weight training program that is designed to burn fat, sign up for a PRO plan today.

Are Weight Training and Cardio the Only Things I Need to Do to Burn Fat?

When many people start an exercise program that includes weight training, they think that they can eat whatever they want. The truth is, if you need to lose fat rather than tone up, you need to change the way you eat as well.

How much you need to change what you eat depends on what your goals are. If you only have about five pounds of fat to contend with, your diet won’t be nearly as stringent as someone who has 50 pounds to lose.

No matter how much fat you want to burn, you need to be eating well to maximize your workout.

Because you are weight training, you need to incorporate a certain amount of carbs as well as a certain amount of calories in order to get the most out of your workout.

You will need to create your own weight training workout for burning fat in order to determine just how many calories and carbs you need in order to ensure that you have the fuel you need to get a good workout.

Fortunately, we provide you with the opportunity to do that here!

What Are the Best Exercises for Burning Fat While Weight Training?

While there are no specific weight training exercises that are better than others for burning fat, you do need to understand that the heavier the weights you can lift, the faster you are going to burn fat.

This applies to both men and women, by the way.

This may sound odd, but when you lift weights, you are actually tearing your muscles. These tears are microscopic. Your muscles repair themselves but they grow thicker and grow stronger. While those muscles are healing, you are actually burning fat.

There is a myth out there that muscle confusion is a faster way to develop muscle while burning body fat. This simply isn’t true, muscle confusion only slows down your progress.

Muscle confusion is the process where the person working out changes the way that they move their muscle during the workout. Instead of working the same muscle over and over again, you rotate your arm or shift your body so that the workout moves to a different muscle.

Think about what we mentioned earlier about how muscle develops, which conversely burns fat.

If you need your muscles to tear, repair, and then tear again, doesn’t it stand to reason that repeating the same exercise would work faster than switching things around?

Yes, this can be a bit boring, but when you see the beginnings of muscles in a few short weeks, you will get excited about weight training all over again!

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Is There a Routine That Will Maximize My Weight Training While Burning Fat?

Yes! You will want to develop a routine to ensure that you get the best fat burning workout possible.

The most effective way to do this is to create a weight training diary and create a log of the weight training you want to do each day.

You will want to focus on different parts of your body on different days, making sure to leave a day of rest (or more) so that your muscles have time to heal.

If you don’t give them the time they need to heal, you will only damage your muscles and you won’t burn the fat you want nor develop those muscles.

Once you have developed a routine, then you need to focus on increasing your weights. The more weights you lift the faster you will burn fat and meet your goals!

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