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How do I set up a personal training boot camp?

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UPDATED: Dec 3, 2020

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  • A personal training boot camp is often a four-week course with specific intentions of having fun and intense cardio workouts.
  • Before starting a personal training boot camp, you will need some preparation.
  • You need to consider: what you think clients want, your strengths and passions, and available equipment and location.

A personal training boot camp is often a four-week course with specific intentions of having fun and intense cardio workouts. As a personal trainer, this is a good way for you to build your business. People who wish to improve their health and make a lifestyle change require a push to get started on a positive fitness regimen.

A boot camp is a way for customers to see results within a designated time frame. More importantly, clients will be able to come to the conclusion that exercising doesn’t always have to be work. If done in the proper way, it can be fun.

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What Preparation Do I Need to Set up a Personal Training Boot Camp?

Before starting a personal training boot camp, you will need some preparation. While the boot camp will be a great way to generate new business, you will want a solid client base to start with. These will be the people who will initially sign up for your boot camp and/or spread the word to family and friends.

Word of mouth is the best form of marketing for any business. Since personal training is a “personal” activity, your business is built primarily on personal referrals and references from current clients.

With this in mind, you will have to define the parameters of your boot camp. How long will the camp be? How many people would you like to sign up before the camp is full?

What Parameters Do I Need to Define for a Personal Training Boot Camp?

Personal training boot camps can come in all shapes and sizes. The most common is a camp that lasts four weeks. You will need to decide:

  • Timing: Depending on the camp, the workouts may be scheduled in the morning, afternoon, or evening. They may be 3-6 days a week.
  • Location: The primary purpose of personal training is to engage the client in the workout process. The benefit of a boot camp is performing the workout outdoors allowing participants to connect with nature and dedicate themselves to a fitness routine.
  • Alternatives: You will need to determine what time frame would be best suitable for the weather in the area you will be holding your boot camp. There is no season that will allow for perfect weather all day every day. You will also have to determine whether it is best for you to perform the camp in the rain, or if you should have an indoor space to use as a backup for poor weather conditions.
  • Trainers: If you have friends or close connections with other personal trainers, it may pay to team up on creating a boot camp. You may have slightly different training styles, which gives clients a better opportunity to connect with a trainer.

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How Do I Select the Purpose of My Personal Training Boot Camp?

There are several facets of health and personal training that you can focus on. Is the camp going to be primarily cardio exercises, weight training, or a balance between exercise types?

Knowing the purpose of the camp will allow you to create a list of activities and exercises to reach the end goal. The nature of these activities will also determine what kind of location would be ideal for your boot camp.

You need to consider:

  • What you think clients want
  • Your strengths and passions
  • Available equipment and location

What Is the Best Location for Personal Training Boot Camp?

While an outdoor location has a lot to offer, the best location is tied to your goals and clients. If you are hosting dozens of participants at a time, your normal training space will not be sufficient. You may want a location where you can arrange an obstacle course. Perhaps you want a place that has extra nature and scenery for the clients to enjoy while participating in your boot camp.

Remember, it is okay to have an indoor boot camp, but the client engagement and satisfaction increases when the exercises are done outside.

How Do I Market My Personal Training Boot Camp?

Part of the marketing angle on any personal training service may include some kind of money-back guarantee. When arranging your first boot camp, it may be safe to set modest prices and avoid giving any sort of money-back guarantee. This will allow you to give services at a discounted price to the clients, and in return, you receive feedback on what can be done to improve future boot camps.

The feedback that is going to be most vital is whether or not the clients enjoyed participating in the boot camp and if they had any noticeable improvement. You can use a successful boot camp to attract new clientele. Offer current clients an opportunity to save money on your services if they refer a friend.

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